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Spammers, Scammers, and other Internet Assholes

November 28th, 2010
Can of Spam

So this week my email and this domain have been down much of the time, why? Well my webhost says we’ve gone over our bandwidth limit and I have a pretty generous bandwidth limit. The worst was losing reliable email, especially since I’m supposed to be trying to find a job.

As I suspected when I finally took a detailed look at the actual logs, it is a bunch of hotlinkers and other dubious individuals. I post images to forums sometimes and I have some Excel or Word documents that people can download, but my website is pretty lean and mean. The blog sidebar takes up a bit more bandwidth but a lot of that bandwidth is from Flickr or websites like that. I think I’m going to host most every picture I can on Flickr going forward.

So what do people hotlink to on my website, well if you said pictures of Asian women, you’d be correct. So of course I could just rip them down, but the damage has been done, this wasted a bunch of people’s time and likely will cost me some money. So in addition to advising never to blog about calves I have to say never blog about Asian women, certainly not attractive Asian women

Now I know I’m no Saint, I don’t have the rights to every single photo I’ve ever posted, but I have the rights to probably 90% or more and those I don’t, I admit I do not own the IP for and never once in the last five years has someone asked me to take anything down for copyright infringement. Whereas I’ve had people steal my intellectual property multiple times especially if you count scrapers. So as I was going through my log files line by line and renaming certain files and generally trying to make these people look stupid, I decided I’d link to them, maybe that will cause them additional discomfort or embarrassment.

It is also amazing how much of the individual hits on my domain are bots… Not the way most people spend their early Sunday morning, but I was awake and I finally had access to the logs and an FTP account long enough to do this, so without further ado, here are this month’s biggest assholes as far as is concerned:

Hopefully this problem goes away for a couple months. It appears I have been too successful in doing well in image search engines.


Apparently being a spammer has caught up with at least one insurance company. “Real Insurance Australia” their ‘real’ business name has hired real lawyers to send cease and desist letters to bloggers that they’ed formerly hired as a SEO firm to spam. Apparently if you leave enough comment spam, Google will now penalize the domain to which the spam points. As someone who has had to deal with spammers, bandwidth thieves, and other unsavory individuals online for years, I have zero sympathy for domains that have been flagged by Google’s latest algorithm update, including Real Insurance Australia. In fact if I got a letter like this I’d not only take it public as John Marshall did, I’d be tempted to link to them more.

Update March 19th 2013

My experience with spammers, scammers, and other Internet assholes is worse than most, but not as bad as Brian Kreps. I’ve had to learn far too much about server logs, htaccess, doxing, and the seedy underbelly of the InternetI’ll never understand how some people think or what they consider to be acceptable behaviour online and in the real world.

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