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My PageRank Went Up!

October 26th, 2005
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I know it is pretty lame to blog about, and since I use Opera on Mac OS X I can’t use the Google Toolbar, but every so often I use FireFox for which I have the toolbar installed, according to the toolbar the PageRank for is 4 as is but went down to 2!

Even funnier just today some guy wanted to buy text ads on for his poker sites. I couldn’t figure it out, maybe being PageRank 4 is some hurdle, but I can’t see what Nurgle has to do with Poker…

Update: I’m not sure what my website’s PageRank is currently. The browser I now use the most is Safari and I mainly care about the first page results in search engines for my name or variations of my name combined with another keyword because far too often I am looking for a better job. I’ve gone through a lot of difficulties keeping this website online and functioning and a lot has happened in the world of search engine optimization and blogging since October 2005.

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