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Sauder Valedictorian Election

November 24th, 2005
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Apparently I’m not nominated, a shocker I know. I am glad I got to vote in both the elections. It is nice to actually get to vote. I didn’t even know you can do a write in candidate until after I voted for the first batch. Maybe I should have wrote in Cthulu to revise an old tradition of not choosing a lesser evil.

I actually take the right to vote very seriously, but just who got nominated was a bit surprising. I noticed our class president and much of the MBAS did not receive nominations. I also noted a distinct lack of Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kongese candidates. In fact most of the candidates were white males who were born in Canada. So much for frickin’ diversity. The voting system involves ranking and doesn’t seem to be the system described in the last email I received.

I’m not going to list every candidate I voted for or their rankings. I think the people nominated for the most part should do a good job. None of them, with one tragic exception, seems to have much to do with the Sordid Sauder Saga. I don’t know if this is a reflection on the infamy of that whole situation or perhaps even just the rumor of involvement was enough to taint people. I know I never told anyone anything with one notable exception. I plan to keep my silence or at least the pretense of silence for a while longer. Though to quote a certain Assoicate Dean “Secrecy was never part of the agreement.” Perhaps in future it will be. Then again perhaps that violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and even the Sauder School of Business isn’t willing to go that far.

I seem to be the Voltaire of the Sauder School of Business. It’s classier than being the shit disturber.

It is dangerous to be right in matters where the established authorities think you are wrong.

After all did I not leave the country in order to publish my views from abroad.

If I’m not the Voltaire, I’m at least the Socrates of our class, after all it was asking questions about an election that first got me labeled as undesirable in the Kubrickian sense of the word. Wouldn’t want to ask questions, not at an institute of higher learning, it’s not encouraged. And whatever you do, don’t use sarcasm, it’s a hangin’ offence ’round these parts.

Or perhaps among my many mental problems is the delusion of grandeur.

In closing I want to direct my loyal readers, especially those that get to vote in this here election, to the following speech I wrote, once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away.

Update March 2015

Having battled depression for over ten years, I can not recommend blogging about your personal problems. Some people will never believe you and they just do not care how much their words and actions hurt you. I doubly do not recommend blogging about your personal problems while looking for work. Depression has left many gaps in my resume and I’ve never recovered from doing my MBA at the Sauder School of Business.


  • Muskie says:

    I just got an email from Fei Fei stating:

    Message on behalf of the Elections Committee

    Hello everyone:

    We’ve had a problem with the Valedictorian Elections for the DEC 2 election and will be re-running it., please read the following:

    The problem: An option was “checked” by accident during the election setup that allows voters to add their own nominees during the election. The inclusion of this option decreased the fairness of the election by giving later voters a different set of choices than earlier voters. To correct the problem we will be re-running the election

    The solution:
    Part 1: Re-open the nominations until midnight tonight (nov 24) : please email if you would like to nominate someone for the 5 minute valedictorian speech on Dec 2.. Those who had already accepted the nominations don’t need to be nominated again (Paula, Sverre and George)
    Part 2: Election Rerun – Start Time 1pm Friday Nov 25. Election Close: 8 pm Saturday Nov 26.

    If you have any questions please email

    I could say something about the Eternal Return of the Same or how the vote will be altered by people seeing the first batch of results. Instead I’ll just encourage people to vote Cthulu and/or nominate some more people as I’m not even sure my favourite candidate is even running now…

  • stkeller says:

    The inner workings:

    Although I desparately wanted to nominate you …despite the fact that no one believed you would return. I decided to not nominate anyone.

    Every person I talked to did not stop asking about you.

    almost everyone who I talked to all agreed that you would have delivered the greatest speech in history. They all really believed that you would have added the perfect spice to our graduation. I chose not to nominate anyone because,I genuinely believed you would not have returned considering the Saga.

    Your constant friend,

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