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Chinese Lanterns in Beijing

February 16th, 2006
South Korean flag

After dinner with Hyemi and her two friends visiting from Korea we went by cab to see some Chinese lanterns. It wasn’t that great but it was better then sitting home alone by a nautical mile. One of the Korean girls dropped her camera and after that it didn’t function.

After seeing the lanterns we went back to Wu Dao Kou and sat around Cava. I showed them some pictures I had taken while in China, the best of which have been uploaded to Flickr. It was a quiet, but a good evening.

Korean Girls and Chinese Lanterns

Update: Hyemi ended up doing a Master’s degree in China, she stayed to work and I visited her in 2014 in Shanghai and I ended up moving to Shanghai to work. Now I’m not sure where she is, she may have left China, she didn’t answer the last WeChat message I sent her.

My life and career continue to not go well. I managed to pass all the CFA exams but have not got a job in finance. Obviously I should never have left IT. Now I’m updating this blog and the code that powers it so I have a better more professional online presence and can add yet more keywords to my resume.

During my time in China I did more traveling but not enough, I have a lot of regrets. I never went to another Chinese lantern festival and I never made it to Harbin for the Ice and Snow festival. Hopefully I find a new job soon and can enjoy life more than I have in the previous dozen years.


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