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Meeting Korean Chicks

February 12th, 2006
South Korean flag

As loyal readers will no doubt remember Korean girls and the length of their skirts and the size of their calves seems to have become a regular feature of Muskblog. There are a lot of Koreans in Wu Dao Kuo, so many that one of its nicknames is “Korean Town“. I swear I talked to no less than two people about it today alone. A lot of them go to Tsinghua or BCLU or one of the private language schools. So it isn’t exactly hard to find Koreans in Wu Dao Kuo.

If you want to increase your chances you could try the Tous les Jours bakery and cafe which is a Korean chain. There is also a Korean corner store. Your best bet might be Madeleine Bakery, which is owned by a Korean. It is right next to a night club. One time late at night, several Korean girls came in wearing extremely short skirts and bought an entire cake. I don’t know how they stay thin buying cakes at 11:30 pm.

I have no trouble picking out Koreans from the Chinese masses usually. I greet them cleverly with a hearty 你好. They almost always reply in English. Most are more fluent in that language and can tell I am. However if you need to continue in Chinese you can say 你是韩国人马? Using my magical powers I don’t think I’ve ever asked that of a non-Korean though often I screw up the Chinese phrase.

I recommend against mentioning you have a blog and asking if you can take their picture. Perhaps if I got Hyemi to teach me that phrase in Korean it would work better. I also strongly recommend you don’t use the word Mu Duuri.

I would be grossly negligent if I didn’t mention the hordes of Koreans that hang out in the PC Bangs or Internet cafes. However just walking across campus or at some sort of event is where I seem to make the most progress you know learning their names and such rather than at PC Bangs or cafes.

I recently met Bong Eun Kim she and her friends were walking by the East gate of Tsinghua. They weren’t students but were on vacation and doing some sightseeing. They wanted to know where the library was. I admitted I wasn’t exactly sure as I’ve never been to the library. In my defense likely 99% of the books are in Chinese and thus useless to me and I have been to the SEM library. Where I am a student after all or at least I was.

I gave her my last business card, I had given two out just previously when I bought some Canadian Ice Wine. It’s possible her friend was even cuter, but either she didn’t speak as much English or she had no interest in talking to me. Anyway she gave me her email and of course I promptly emailed her. I always email people I exchange cards with, whether they are Korean physics majors or VPs of major corporations. It’s about common decency and respect, something my former classmates don’t seem to have grasped.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the 10-12 class at the Korean school in room 306. While waiting for Hyemi one day I noticed numerous girls coming out of that class on the break wearing short skirts. So if you are in Wu Dao Kou that might be a good place to hang out waiting for Korean women.

I’d previously mentioned how Korean girls almost always travel in pairs. So once you meet one Korean girl you end up meeting more and more. Hyemi is going to introduce me to a few more that are in town visiting her. But if you really want to meet Korean girls you might want to consider going to Korea.


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