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May 3rd, 2006
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By way of Church of the Customer I was directed to the Boston Globe for an article on how blogging can benefit your career. So according to them I’m not wasting my time, of course my blog isn’t very focussed. Maybe my latest and most extensive revisions will make it more focussed but I don’t think any amount of effort will ever make the ROI positive.

I do have subdomains such as this blog. My nurgle subdomain was the most popular portion of my site even though I haven’t updated it in a long time. Maybe when my life is more settled I’ll return to painting and 40K.

The internet is a funny place, you can write one hundred postings on China or doing an MBA and you never can tell what will be popular in the search engines or just who could be reading.

I always hope someone is reading, someone in particular sometimes… If someone is still reading these old blog posts you’ll be happy to know I occasionally update them and when the spammers are not too bad you can still leave a comment.

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