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Who is Michael Crook?

December 1st, 2006
Michael Crook

I don’t know. But I do know he has pissed off a lot of people. He sent Kevin Burton a DMCA Takedown Notice but apparently Michael believes in free speech. I googled him and the first result was which seems to have been taken down. However is online but in 2018 seems a lot different than it was in 2006. I’m not sure it is maintained by the same person.

I went to his about page back in 2006 where I learned he ran an online fan club for 2 Unlimited who had the hits “Get Ready for This” and “No Limit” which you can still hear at hockey games. He also believes the EFF is an abusive group of deviants.

I think he did something with javascript to prevent people from selecting the text on his webpage, which is annoying. If you are curious, there is a lot of information about him and what he has been up to, which apparently isn’t search engine optimization as his site doesn’t come in the top ten for his own name in Google. Maybe he got Google Bombed or something. If you want to read about Michale Crook try this epic thread on Tucker Max’s bulletin board. From which I’ll quote Michael Crook:

I stand firm in my hatred for children, jews, and members of the military.

I’ve written before how you should be careful what you write in digital communication as you never can tell how another person will react. Of course if you post publically how you hate children, jews, and members of the military, is it any surprise it upsets people?

I was going to quote Rodney King who asked “Can’t we all just get along?” but what’s the point.

This story just makes me sad. It’s no fun being a pariah.

Update March 2012

Almost six years later people still search the Internet for information about Michael Crook. I know I continue to use him as an example of how not to behave online. If you want to learn more about Michael Crook and how he tried to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to bully people online, remove content critical of him, and generally try to cover up the fact he is a huge douche bag to use the parlance of our time.  10 Zen Monkeys is one of the websites that fought him in court, they were directly involved, I merely commented and observed, but it didn’t stop Michael Crook from writing me after I mentioned him here online…


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