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September 29th, 2006
BarBQ Pork Roast

Barbecue season is coming to an end. It is currently windy and rainy here in Deep Bay. Yesterday however, the weather was well enough to cook a pork roast like I’ve been planing. I’ve cooked several beef roasts and chickens on the rotisserie in our BarBQ, but since I had plenty of pork rib rub and my Southern BarBQ sauce, I wanted to try and make use of it.

Preparing the pork roast

I prepared the pork roast just like I did the pork ribs. I used a little mustard when applying the rub. I then cooked it on a relatively low temperature in our BarBQ on a rotating spit. I checked on it hourly, but mainly I was planning to have it ready for when my mom got home from work at 6pm.

After the first hour it looked fine, after two I took a picture. The temperature was between 200-300 Celsius I believe. Shortly after two hours I started basting the roast with the sauce. I applied it twice and removed the roast to sit after about three hours of cooking.

Pork roast after two hours of cooking

When the vegetables were finished I sliced the roast and although it looked and tasted fine. It had a bit too much fat for my liking. I prefer beef and chicken to pork. I also think pork roasts should be cut thicker than beef roasts. I try to cut beef roasts thinly as we often use it for beef dips or other sandwiches later on. The pork seemed more substantial when cut about a centimeter thick. For turkey and chicken I try to get the meat to be a little less than a centimetre thick, it is easier to carve larger turkeys.

Pork roast after basting

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