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Night Goblin Command

September 29th, 2006
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I finished another four models for my Warhammer fantasy army. As always I spent way too much time and effort on these relatively unimportant models. Now I only need to paint 60+ shields, base 120+ models and paint two war machines and crew and I’ll have a legal 1000 point all goblin army.

This unit has a Night Goblin Sorcerer. It’ll only be a low level defensive sorcerer but the model itself is considerably newer and had a lot more detail. The skulls on the staff are all painted slightly differently. I used various washes to differentiate them. Normally I use rust brown ink thinned as a wash when painting bones, but I also used red wash and a mix of yellow and black ink too. I also painted the skulls Snake Bite Leather on top of the black primer which is a modification on how I usually do things.

Night Goblin Command primed black

The sorcerer’s sickle got a lot of extra attention as well. I came up with a rich golden metallic color. I used several metallic paints and several washes/glazes to achieve the end result.

I drybrushed the fabric codex grey then paint the highlights on with codex grey and fortress grey. I still don’t like the results of drybrushing, sometime. It is difficult to get highlights on recessed parts of the model and the results are not always even. Drybrushing also is inherently messy and only really useful for models that are predominantly one color and texture. I use it very sparingly preferring my more eclectic method of highlighting combined with washes for the lowlights.

Now many years have passed, it is 2021 and once again I’m attempting to improve old blog posts. I actually have painted more Night Goblins, they are now called Gloomspite Gitz I believe, and the reason I painted more was to practice and to use them in Warcry.

Partially painted Night Goblin Command

In 2022, I’ll once again practice painting on some old goblins. I’ve never finished all the spearmen from Warhammer 4th Edition. I may paint more squig hoppers and netters as they worked well in Warcry but my focus will once again be Nurgle!

I will try to get the Diseased Sons more effective in 9th Edition, given they started in 2nd Edition. I also might paint some more models for GW’s other skirmish games such as Kill Team and Necromunda. So I advise you to follow my new miniature painting blog.

The command for my unit of purple flame trimmed Night Goblin archers


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