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Painted Nurgle Miniatures

September 29th, 2006

After a year or so of neglect, I got guilted into breaking out my paints and working on some of the many models and projects that are unfinished or even unstarted. Although I’ve painted a lot of models over the last ten plus years, I’m most well known, especially online for painting Nurgle miniatures.

I’m only a few models away from having my third GT army finished. I’m also trying to touch up or strip and completely repaint some of my older models which will someday end up as Chaos Undivided troops. My recent painting outburst, which has come at the expense of my guitar playing, has focused on brushing up on my skills in preparation of painting some more impressive models that I converted last summer or even earlier.


Work In Progress models front view

These conversions include my general for my third GT army and a Forge World dreadnought. It also includes a model which can be seen alongside these two Nurgle models. One of my new ideas, is to have downtime models, models that are not the focus of your effort but you can work on them while waiting for something to dry on the the main model(s) that I am working on.

Plaguebearers are ideal for this, as I paint them many different ways, trying out new techniques and color combinations. The loan terminator will be the icon bearer for the squad which is one of the big changes/additions to my GT army. I’ve always thought terminators were overpriced but the rules keep changing and it is the only way short of using a heavy support choice that a Nurgle army can field a gun which shoots over 24 inches.

Work In Progress models rear view


A pale purple OOP Plaguebearer

This plaguebearer makes use of the purple plus grey color scheme. I’ve seen this pale ghostly purple color online and in the White Dwarf but I could never quite get the hang of it. I experimented with it while in Japan, the key is to mix purple with grey. I added some more greys to my collection of paints, most recently Fortress Grey. You can mix Fortress Grey with Liche Purple or you can just use pure Fortress Grey over top of Liche Purple and then a thinned down purple wash. I’ve tried both methods and they both work fine, obviously you’ll get smoother highlights if you do more gradients and washes.

Nurgle Terminator

The terminator has a plastic zombie head. Using plastic zombie parts with Plaguemarines is very popular but I’ve never done it until now. I actually bought an entire box of plastic zombies at some point off of Owen when he was managing the Metrotown store. I’m actually trying to finish my Nurgle army off forever and ever so I doubt I’ll ever use them all. With all my experience painting skulls, guts, and diseased skin perhaps I should do an undead army someday.

A plaguebearer and Nurgle terminator

Non-Nurgle Miniatures

Officially I may never do another army, they are just too much work. I’d settle for getting all the chaos and ork stuff I have completely painted. I don’t even care about my original Space Ork army that stuff can stay frozen in time. I think smaller batches of models such as a Bloodbowl team or just a command section is more my style. Maybe I should co-paint an army with someone like Thor, see if together we couldn’t win best painted and then eBay it, that seems common. I don’t like mercenary painting, I actually take a lot of pride in painting and converting all my own stuff.

You can see my tiny line technique used extensively on the terminator. I’ve posted a tutorial on how to achieve the effect. I’ve also previously posted a Plaguebearer painting tutorial but honestly I paint them a different way almost every single time. Perhaps I should make a tutorial on painting bones and skulls. Eventually I started a miniature painting blog but there is still some good old content and pictures on this website so if you have any questions you can leave them below.

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