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Another New Search Engine

November 1st, 2006
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Actually, it is a meta search engine. That means it doesn’t actually crawl the web and index the webpages it finds, instead it uses information from other search engines then massages them and/or provides a different interface and different ways of looking at the data.

The website is called it uses data provided by and I learned about it through Marketing Shift. Of course the first keyword I put into it is Nurgle. I think my domain came second, but I also learned two things. One my domain isn’t trusted. Two I have the 721,189th most popular domain on the entire internet.

The results for my search on Nurgle and my website in

I couldn’t get really upset about either of these things. First of all I don’t sell anything and though I have the occasional dubious link or questionable posting I’m not involved in any online scams and my site is safe for kids, at least I think so. And as for only being the 721, 189th most popular domain on the internet, I think I’m doing pretty good considering people have told me I should promote my site more, I don’t have any ads, and I generally don’t really try to make any money at all and the keywords I care about, no one else does.

At first glance I can’t really recommend There are other better meta search engines out there, my favourites are and If you want a fancy interface there is Google’s and if it is all about shopping and trustability you could checkout Amazon’s A9 search engine. I’ve written a lot about search engines and search engine optimization including another new piece that mostly deals with how my website performs in the various search engines, which I’ve yet to mention on my blog.

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