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Painted Chaos Space Marines

May 20th, 2008
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While I should have been studying for my CFA® exam I’ve painted up a couple Chaos Space Marines for tutorials I did as part of a community effort over at the Bolter and Chainsword. I thought I’d throw up a token blog posting to remind the Bell of Lost Souls crew I exist or something.

Brotherhood of Darkness CSM

My camera’s viewfinder seems to have died completely so as I just about had the model finished I had to take photos guessing if the model was in focus. I even experimented turning the flash on to see if that helped. Looks like in a couple months I’ll be buying a new digital camera.

Two black and red chaos space marines

This model is from the Brotherhood of Darkness CSM chapter, you aren’t likely to see a lot of them, but I did up a tutorial to help out the internet wannabe painting superstars. I also did a Hakanor’s Reavers tutorial which has disappeared from the Internet. These aren’t Golden Deamon quality paint jobs so I won’t be posting on the Electric Ocean, but they are a very high standard for rank and file squad members even for Chosen.

Two CSM being sealed for posterity

I eventually started a miniature painting blog. I also removed a lot of content from Muskblog to try and make it better or at least more professional as too often I am looking for work and I’ve done so much and the ROI has been too little. If you have questions about miniature painting or Chaos Space Marines you can leave them below.

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