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Online Painting Contest

September 2nd, 2008

The other day while I was trying to study for my CFA I got email announcing a joint painting contest at two online forums I frequent. The Bolter and Chainsword and Da Waaagh which I always spell wrong are having an Assault on Black Reach painting contest. This is the marketing term for the new 5th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 box set.

I never bought the fourth edition box set. I didn’t play either of the armies and the last thing I need is more unpainted miniatures. Once again I bought the rule book early on so I could get playing right away. One thing that was in the 4th Edition but not in the 3rd or 2nd Edition box set was a mini rulebook. This was supposedly worth having especially for tournament players. I’m not a die hard tournament player, I mainly play for fun, but tournaments can be fun.

I told Darren I wouldn’t be pre-ordering the box set. I tried to pre-order the rulebook, one of the special editions even, but that failed.

At first I wasn’t sure I had time to paint both a Terminator and an Ork Nob. Now I’ve learned I only have to paint one. I’m leaning towards an ork, since no conversions are allowed. Previously I have used the marines that always come in the box sets as Chaos Space Marines which require some converting at least. Maybe I’ll even trade away some of the loyalists minis. I gave away my flying shoe landspeeder to Thor for some evil purpose.

If I buy the box set this weekend I should be able to post some inprogress shots, here or at the B&C or more like the ork forum because the B&C only allows Powered armored models to be pictured.

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