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September 28th, 2008

So I’ve spent a lot of time painting, time I should have spent studying, but at least I feel OK once I can get out of bed. I’ve finished the catapult and it is at Darren’s for his contest.

In addition to blogging about this I’ve also posted in-progress pics over at the Waaagh which may get me disqualified from their little painting contest, but it doesn’t explicitly say what I did was illegal, I was just using it for motivation and maybe to teach or trick or two to the next generation.

Sealed and Painted Ork Rock Lobber

For a while there was no comments for a while but as the Nob came closer to being finished people started to chime in. I even asked one of the mods at B&C if I was breaking the rules and he re-read them and agreed I seemed not to be. Maybe it is implied or on page three of the thread or something it is clarified, but I didn’t intend to break the rules.

This isn’t my best work, I was definitely time constrained, but it is pretty good. You can’t please everyone, Carney at Darren’s store didn’t seem too impressed. I’ve seen his painting and I don’t know what high horse he sits upon.

An almost finished AoBR nob

Last time I checked I was the defending champion in one of their little painting categories, this despite Kelly Kim showing up and bringing his greatest hits. I’m not a mercenary painter and all my stuff is usually intended for the gaming board, some models have been touched up and glued back together. We’ll see if I take home a prize this year. I entered odd stuff as usual, but it is all new and never seen in Darren’s store before for the most part. Certainly hasn’t been in a painting contest.

Warhammer 40,000 Ork Nob

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