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September 28th, 2008
Rock Lobber

So I’ve spent a lot of time painting, time I should have spent studying, but at least I feel OK once I can get out of bed. I’ve finished the catapult and it is at Darren’s for his contest.

In addition to blogging about this I’ve also posted in-progress pics over at the Waaagh which may get me disqualified from their little painting contest, but it doesn’t explicitly say what I did was illegal, I was just using it for motivation and maybe to teach a trick or two to the next generation.

Sealed and Painted Ork Rock Lobber

For a while there was no comments but as the Nob came closer to being finished people started to chime in. I even asked one of the mods at B&C if I was breaking the rules and he re-read them and agreed I seemed not to be. Maybe it is implied or on page three of the thread or something it is clarified, but I didn’t intend to break the rules.

This isn’t my best work, I was definitely time constrained, but it is pretty good. You can’t please everyone, Carney at Darren’s store didn’t seem too impressed. I’ve seen his painting and I don’t know what high horse he sits upon.

An almost finished AoBR nob

Last time I checked I was the defending champion in one of their little painting categories, this despite Kelly Kim showing up and bringing his greatest hits. I’m not a mercenary painter and all my stuff is usually intended for the gaming board, some models have been touched up and glued back together. We’ll see if I take home a prize this year. I entered odd stuff as usual, but it is all new and never seen in Darren’s store before for the most part. Certainly hasn’t been in a painting contest.

I didn’t win the online painting contest but I did win two years in a row at Strategies but now many years have passed and I’ve done almost no painting. I did start a miniature painting blog at some point. Now I mainly update old blog posts to try and improve the Quality of this blog and leverage it more in my never ending job search. If you want to disparage my miniature painting from the safety of your keyboard you can leave a comment below.

Warhammer 40,000 Ork Nob

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