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September 13th, 2008
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Though I really should be studying for my CFA® exam or working out or something, I’ve been painting in the evenings on and off. I’m working on three different things at once. The most pressing is the Assault on Black Reach Nob for the online painting contest I’ve decided to enter. I’ve also started several in-progress threads on online boards, one for my 40K Ork army. In these I provide more pictures and details on how I painted stuff.

Nob after three coats of green and one wash

I’m also working on an old WFB Ork Rock Launcher which is one of the final things I need to paint to have a legal, playable 1000 point Ork and Gobbos army. This is way too much work, as seen by my slow progress over the last ten years, so much so I may never start a new army again especially a fantasy one. I’ll stick with the Boyz and Chaos in most GW games, but I have a Skaven Bloodbowl team.

Finally, I’m painting the last three additions to Jaundice squad. I have about two more weeks to finish these in order to use them in a game of Warhammer 40,000 against Malcolm. I guess they may be part of my West Coast Mayhem tournament army, but I haven’t given that much thought. I’m not going to do much painting specifically for that, if any.

Old OOP Warhammer Ork Rock Lobber

I plan on curtailing my painting at the end of this month so the final two months I have even less excuses to not study for my CFA exam.

Update: It took entirely too long but I eventually passed all three CFA exams.

The damn weather is so nice and I sleep in way too much, I’ve talked to my doctor about all my troubles sleeping and waking up, but so far no real solution.

If you want to see more pictures of stuff I’ve painted over the last ten plus years, including loads of greenskinz and followers of Nurgle, check out my painted miniature gallery and my Nurgle webpage.

An old OOP Plague Marine converted to have a power fist

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