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Ron Sexsmith at the Chan Centre

October 5th, 2008
Ron Sexsmith

Just got back from seeing Ron for the fourth time. I had to go ALONE. I decided to turn the internet on. Of course people are online after midnight, several women I know, of course they ask me a question on margins…

Ron was great as usual. The Chan Centre is an amazing venue. I was a couple minutes late so missed most of the very first act. Ron was perhaps even funnier than usual. And in the encore he took a request from the audience. I should have asked for my favourite Ron Sexsmith song. I put it on iTunes when I got back and pushed the Genius button. Some odd selections, I think Zepplin is playing right now.

I’m going to two more shows this month. But then that’s it, I need to spend less money and study a hell of a lot more. It is sad people ask me for help on CFA® questions given how little I’ve studied in the last few months.

I’ll have to update my concerts page, but I’m a little tired. I’ve already posted Ron Sexsmith YouTube clips before. But they get taken down for copyright violations so here is another one.

I managed to pass all three CFA exams but did not manage to find a new job quickly and easily. Now I’m in Calgary for my third tour of duty and Ron is coming to town in June. I did get a ticket. I even plumped for V.I.P. access whatever that gets me. If you have recollections of seeing Ron Sexsmith play live you can leave them below.

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