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Asian Chicks Dig Bob Log

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Next time you see one walking down the street, stride up to her, raise your right fist in the air, and yell “Bob Log!” It is bound to work eventually, law of averages and all. For further proof see YouTube: Everything you ever heard about Bob Log is true, except the part where he had a monkey’s paw grafted onto his right arm. Fat Possum Records made that up. Bob was back in Vancouver, at the Biltmore. I went alone. Almost missed the show as I got the date wrong. It was alright, I thought Bob was better last time. […]

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Free Olympic Live Music

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

All the naysayers seem to neglect to mention the huge injection into the Vancouver art scene the Olympics is. BOB has the Trimpin installation in their offices, the Artwalk starts this weekend, I’ve already seen the Blue Dragon, I’m seeing the Neil Young Project at the Queen E, and I’ve mentioned the free Wilco concert before, but my coworker Will just sent me this list of free shows in Vancouver all starting this Friday. All times are PM, as in the evening after work. Fri Feb 12th – Venice Queen – 10:15 @ Ozone Fri Feb 12th – Bedouin Soundclash […]

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Some Big News

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Actually there has been a lot of big news over the last few days, so I’m stealing some moments to summarize much of it, as having just come from Storm Salon, not everyone has been paying attention to the news. One of the other customers didn’t know that Wilco, yes the band Wilco from Chicago fronted by Jeff Tweedy will play a free concert during the Olympics in Vancouver. I told him that was my vote for best free event during the Olympics and that it was a little higher profile than the Trimpin exhibit I’ve been working on. I […]

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Whiskey River Take My Mind

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

So last night I headed to the Biltmore early and alone. I didn’t take a picture of the tour van with the Texas plates but it was pretty easy to tell who’s it was…

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Flogging Molly at the Commodore

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

A long time ago I bought a pair of tickets to see Flogging Molly at the Commodore. They were really good the last time I saw them. I didn’t catch on that it was a Tuesday night and I didn’t know it would be election night. It was a bit disappointing to go alone. Every time I asked someone they were “Who’s Flogging Molly?” or “I can’t on a Tuesday.” There were a lot of people I could have offered the second ticket to, but I didn’t put my thinking cap on or have the time and energy to flog […]

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Grady + Nashville Pussy

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

So last night I went on down to the Plaza Nightclub alone to see a show. I didn’t even try to find someone to go see Nashville Pussy with. I wasn’t really going to see Nashville Pussy, I was going to see Gordie Johnson’s latest band Grady…

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Ron Sexsmith at the Chan Centre

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Just got back from seeing Ron for the fourth time. I had to go ALONE. I decided to turn the internet on. Of course people are online after midnight, several women I know, of course they ask me a question on margins… Ron was great as usual. The Chan Centre is an amazing venue. I was a couple minutes late so missed most of the very first act. Ron was perhaps even funnier than usual. And in the encore he took a request from the audience. I should have asked for my favourite Ron Sexsmith song. I put it on […]

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Texas Meat Purveyors at the Tractor Tavern

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I finally got to see one of my favourite Bloodshot bands play. Of course they’ve been officially broken up for two years and they are still officially broken up. But they decided to play five of their favourite bars in the good ol’ USA, put out an EP to have some new swag to sell, and of course print up shirts. I went down on Friday after work with my mom and sister. They mainly were there for shopping at outlet malls and Target. But I’m not turning down a free ride. The next day I went to see the […]

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