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April 6th, 2009
Hooded Plaguemarine

This was a very old fashion blog post. It was short, had a generic title, and a token photo in a low resolution. Now in 2021, I’ve decided to revise it, even thought the ROI on revising other posts about painting miniatures has so far been zero.

Back in April 2009 I was trying to paint a lot as well as blog my painting progress but I ended up watching watching Sci-Fi DVDs and playing my guitar. But I did paint quite a lot including these six purple Plague Marines. There are several posts and several in-progress photos of them, I should collect them all in one post, but if you just want to skip to the end, closeups of the finished models can be found here.

Six WIP Purple Plaguemarines

I’m not sure I made it to that Astronomi-con but I did end up starting a dedicated miniature painting blog. Several of us Vancouverites were blogging and painting towards the same goal. Malcolm slowed down but Jason “Doc” Dyer produced a lot of volume. More photos of my WIP Chaos army originally appeared at the B&C. But in 2021, I can’t login anymore and I think they deleted the thread.

Since 2009 I have…

Actually started a miniature painting blog but all my hobbies and side projects went on hiatus for years while I lived in China and studied for and passed all three CFA® exams. I’ve also revised this blog many times in an attempt to improve Quality.

I did go to another Astronomi-con and now that I’ve moved to Calgary I’ll have to look into going to Winnipeg. But I don’t have a vehicle and flying during Covid-19 is a risk. So in 2022 I hope to paint more, I’ll probably get in a couple games but not attend any tournaments or gaming conventions. If you have big plans for the New Year you can leave them below.

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