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A Good Friday for Painting

April 11th, 2009
Astronomi-con 40K Logo

Today I again was slow to get moving and I have an errand or two to run, but I hope to finish these six Nurgle Renegades off and I had hoped to assemble the next batch of Chaos Space Marines that I need to paint. These six models were not intended for use at Astronomi-con Vancouver, but they had been sitting primed and converted on my desk for too long. They were assembled for 4th edition, I have some models which I assembled for the previous Chaos Codex which I slowly plan to chip away at.

Progress on the purple Plaguemarines

I’ll take close up photos when I have better light and they are pretty much finished. I still need to finish of skin tones, skulls, plus blood n’ gore and small metal bits. Then just squad markings and eyeballs and they’ll be done.

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