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Excited about Excite Bots

July 21st, 2009
Excite Bots

Yesterday after work I played a lot of Excite Bots Trick Racing. I just kept playing as I was always close to succeeding at something. It really is a fun game. I enjoyed MadWorld, Super SmashBros, and of course Bomberman Blast, but I never sweated as much playing those.

MadWorld requires some luck and a lot of problems can just be solved by swinging a chainsaw. SmashBros is really more fun playing against real people, though I’m still chipping away at various Events and Challenges. My online play is spotty and I need to practice dodging and throwing which along with edge guarding and down spiking seem to be much more prevalent then in my just for fun games with Dave. Bomberman I haven’t played much online, I wanna see what Dave and Yuri think of that.

I like Excite Bots better than Mario Kart. That is one reason I bought it, I didn’t want to play Mario Kart again. I like rampaging and pulling tricks, but I never know the tracks well enough in Mario Kart as I never owned a Nintendo system until just recently. Mario Kart has gotten old after too many late evenings losing and drinking. I’d rather lose at SmashBros.

Apparently Excite Bots just like MadWorld hasn’t sold well. With well being the home run they like in movies, millions in sales, and spinoffs galore. I read reviews at IGN and GameSpot and based on what I like in games and what the Wii is good at I was happy with both my purchases. I’m still waiting for the great Mii game, but until then I have lots of hours to spend Wii’ing. I really should be painting, studying, or actually exercising, not just sweating on my couch, but if you want to read others praise Excite Bots, here are three reviews:

  1. From GameFAQs
  2. From GamesRadar
  3. From DigitalChumps

They have video clips, which I plan to watch, but honestly, just written descriptions was enough to get me to buy the game. The game is wacky and fun.

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