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8 Days until Vancouver Olympics

February 4th, 2010
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I’m at Smart Mouth again with my promised update. I promised some people I’d take photos and I’ve taken a few with my iPhone, but there are many better photographers, with better cameras, and more time taking pictures in Vancouver. A lot of those photos end up on Flickr.

I posted some photos to Flickr this morning and I posted some old professional photos to BOB’s Flickr account too. I’ll try to keep doing that and I’ll put a few inline in this post.

Today’s celebrity isn’t as famous as Johnny Depp, but on Abott Street I saw Chin from Base is Base, his solo carer, and perhaps most famously recently his production work. He is a Vancouverite, though I understand he spends a fair amount of time in LA. I’ve seen him play solo on acoustic guitar, he is quite talented, even if his music isn’t necessarily my bag baby.

Science World

Note all of these photos weren’t taken today, but the first one was from the number 8 bus.

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