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May 19th, 2010
Make Mine Marvel

Apparently this is a growing trend, I don’t get it myself, after all what would people do with all the white boxes and plastic sleeve manufactures? I’ve spent a lot of time reading the Marvel Comics Wikia, I also fixed a lot of grammatical errors for the good of the English speaking population. I also downloaded an app for my iPhone which allows me to read Marvel Comics on the go. Apparently the website is something like $60 dollars a month for all the comics you can read, well the incompatible iPhone app is about $2 per issue.

There are free comics on the iPhone app, I read a 1968 Iron Man issue where Tony Stark looked like an Italian porn star and Warmachine had a flat top. It is funny Iron Man has become so popular, I never was in to him, it works better as a movie maybe. It helps that real actors are willing to play super heroes, or at least more talented actors.

I remember when Marvel went bankrupt in the 90s I couldn’t believe it. I’d have bought the company, the intellectual property has more than proven its worth, I wonder who the idiot financiers were who valued it so low? I’m not sold on the collect-ability of comics in digital form, I’m still a reader and buyer of books, even magazines despite all the time I spend online. Eyes fatigue more reading on a screen and the iPhone screen is only so big, the app works pretty well though, no complaints there. We’ll have to see how much free content I can access. Marvel has a huge back catalog of stories, more of which will reach a film screen but some will remain obscure childhood memories.

Did you know Cyclops’s father and mother threw him and his brother out of a plane attached to the single parachute when they were attacked and abducted by aliens? Neither did I, only in comics, especially Golden and Silver Age comics would that be a plausible back story. Cryogenetically frozen, memory wipes, re-incarnations, clones, reading the Wikia stretches plausibility, not to mention Marvel’s alternate timelines. I think DC reset their world’s in the 80’s with Crisis or shortly there after. Crisis was the last graphic novel I bought, after seeing a new Crisis cross over on the news stands not too long ago.

Other tidbits I learned, was Wolverine has a son, someone named James Jaspers is one of the most powerful mutants, just behind Reed Richard’s son. Marvel also has a list of the ten smartest people in their universe, though I never turned the complete list up, there is a surprising amount of discussion on this online… Even on the Wikipedia it is listed who has been revealed to be among the smartest in the Marvel Universe.

I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy, though I know the big two of DC pretty well, used to love reading thing’s like Who’s Who. They aren’t valuable err collectible, but I read almost everyone, likely several times.

Man I thought I published this yesterday…

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