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Random CD Mashup is basically done

October 19th, 2010
CD covers

Although I had to overcome a lot of difficulties with Amazon’s API I never gave up and completed another mashup. Alas as time as passed many APIs have become more restrictive so a decade later I can’t really recommend using the code I’ve written.

The mashup I made used a subclass of albumCollection.php which may or may not have been necessary, but I wanted to make sure that was feasible, most of the code is in the original class. I made greater use of the Twitter API and the API plus added support for the Flickr API using phpFlickr by Dan Coulter. I also used some code I got off Bobby Jack which was originally written by Remy Sharp. Finally when I set out to make this mashup I got it into my head to have a four column layout. I used some HTML and CSS I got off the internet as the base, which I then modified and shoehorned into my existing layout. It basically fit.

Screen shot of my random CD mashup

My web mashup code is still available to download and study but in 2019 it seems like it is not functioning too well. Too many APIs have taken to returning less and less data. I or someone who is clever may be able to fix it, but right now my priority is getting a new job.

I spent much of 2010 unemployed and I got it in my head to learn to code better in PHP. I didn’t profit from all this effort. I think I should have used JavaScript instead perhaps. Now in 2019 I am not doing much programming  though I may find the time, but first I got it in my head to overhaul and improve this blog. I thought passing all three CFA® exams would pay off but so far it has not. I even learned Python as that was all the rage but for now I remain unemployed.

If you are a PHP loyalist you can take a stab at updating this code or you can leave a comment below.

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