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Random CD Mashup is basically done

October 19th, 2010
CD covers is still throttling me so I haven’t been able to debug all my methods or add more audio previews to my mashups. I still get information from the iTunes Store Search API,, and MusicBrainz. But was the original API I tried to get working so I’m a bit annoyed they have stopped returning useful data.

This mashup uses a subclass of albumCollection.php which may or may not have been necessary, but I wanted to make sure that was feasible, most of the code is in the original class. I made greater use of the Twitter API and the API plus added support for the Flickr API using phpFlickr by Dan Coulter. I also used some code I got off Bobby Jack which was originally written by Remy Sharp. Finally when I set out to make this mashup I got it into my head to have a four column layout. I used some HTML and CSS I got off the internet as the base, which I then modified and shoehorned into my existing layout. It basically fit.

Screen shot of my random CD mashup

I actually prefer a more natural layout, one that looks like a human typed everything out and carefully chose the pictures, rather than what I have now where various bits of data appear in each column. I took a screen shot and you can just go try out the mashup yourself. Again it isn’t very interactive and it perhaps could be written a bit more cleverly but with a reasonable amount of caching and only a couple 100 CDs in my collection in runs fine. I also limit how much data Twitter and Flickr return.

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