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DVD Collection Gallery Proof of Concept

May 6th, 2011
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Although I took a long break I’m back to writing PHP. I’m still not enamored with PHP, but I’ve put too much time into it now to leave my code missing key features. The features I’ve been working on is support for collections of DVDs instead of just CDs. It will work for collections of anything, but I just decided to demo these two popular media formats.

As you can see in the screen shot I have it working pretty much how the CD Cover Gallery works. You start with a CSV file of your DVD collection and three lines of PHP code later you have a gallery. I once again look in Amazon for images but I also look in Rotten Tomatoes. You need keys for both these APIs.

I plan on experimenting with some more APIs and building something slightly more elaborate. There seems to be less film specific APIs than music specific ones. I think I’ll take a look at some other poplar APIs and add in token support for them in mCollection.php, my mashup codebase.

My DVD Collection Gallery

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