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February 9th, 2012
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As my job search drags on, I decided to retroactively edit a pile of old blog posts. This blog has been going, for better or for worse, since 2005. I’ve been maintaining a home page online since 1995. Sometimes you have to devote time to maintenance. This used to mean link checking and fixing busted HTML tags, but now that everyone uses content management systems such as WordPress, maintenance involves updates, theme tweaking, and editing old content.

Tags were added to WordPress in version 2.3 which was released on September 24, 2007. I use a plugin called Simple Tags to make managing metadata easier. I use some other plugins notably Headspace2 to organize metadata and hopefully help people find any useful information I publish online. You should use tags and write unique descriptions for all your posts, but when you have almost a 1000 posts, most written before tags or custom metadata plugins were created, it can take a long time to go through them all and properly organize and describe them.

There was no master plan for Muskblog. It has evolved and changed. It was started before Twitter or Facebook were widely adopted. Things I used to post, I now tweet or share using online social networks. A lot of older posts were collections of unrelated links that I wanted to share with friends and family. A lot of my old posts are really personal. I’ve edited a lot of older posts, deleting yet more which had little redeeming value. This might be considered good news by Peter Chow and some of my other MBA classmates, but I’m sure they’ll be disappointed to learn that many facts are still available online regarding how I was treated by them.

Now that this maintenance is finally finished I can get around to publishing some new original thoughts, but not too many. Blogging and social media hasn’t really paid off for me, I’m too honest. I can’t really say I’ve benefited from all the effort I’ve made to help other people either… So I will be blogging less and trying to study for the CFA exam, hopefully I will pass this time. Maybe someone will even deem me worthy of hiring.

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