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The Top 6 Excel Spreadsheets I’ve Made

July 19th, 2012
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I’ve made my share of Excel spreadsheets, I spent a lot of time mastering MS Excel after I completed my MBA. I ended up giving away a number of spreadsheets on this blog, probably too many considering I was unemployed at the time. These spreadsheets that are still being used, downloaded, and probably claimed by someone else as their intellectual property. So before you get the bright idea of claiming these files as your own and trying to profit off my hard work, if I find out and I will, I will take action. These spreadsheets are provided as is, they represent a lot of time and effort on my part. They are free for personal use.

The spreadsheets mostly deal with company valuation, discounted cash flows, venture capital, and material that is part of the Level 1 CFA® curriculum. I tested them all in my most recent version of Excel just now, they still work, you will need to enable macros and you may need to install solver. I decided to link to the five most popular/useful spreadsheets in one post so they’ll be easier for me to share. They are presented below in the order I made them:

  1. A spreadsheet that values companies using the method most common to venture capitalists
  2. A spreadsheet that uses VBA to do cash flow projections and break even analysis
  3. A spreadsheet that does cash flow projections and break even analysis in a growing market
  4. 100+ CFA Level 1 practice problems
  5. A spreadsheet that uses a random number generator to create common CFA Level 1 practice problems

Excel Spreadsheet for planning a Business

I kinda got talked into building a general business planning Excel spreadsheet which is detailed in its own blog post. I am unlikely to again give away so much of my personal work for free.


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