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April 19th, 2018
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During my never ending post-MBA job search one of many suggestions I got was to do some certifications. I always said I was willing to do certifications in job interviews and even started the CFA® program while I was unemployed. However, in order to do the PMP you need to be actively working as a Project Manager, but I eventually learned you can do other project management certifications while unemployed or not working as a PM assuming you have the money. Considering all the difficulties I’ve had over the last 10+ years I probably should have looked more closely into doing certifications easier than the CFA program sooner.

I did spend a lot of time studying and coding on my own a fact revealed if you review my resume or this website.

The course I took

Eventually in April 2018 I took a week out of my life and my CFA studies to fly to Hong Kong to study to be a Professional Scrum Master™. Hopefully that will finally lead to a better job, I assure you I am willing to relocate. One of the original instructors had to drop out but thankfully the class was not cancelled. Lorenz Cheung instead taught both days at Cliftons Hong Kong. I had to take the time off work and already waited too long for this or a similar class to be taught in English in Shanghai. Bill Li teaches in Shanghai but the classes never seem to be in English.

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Before taking the class you are expected to:

I even earned PDUs

The course counts as 14 PDUs towards the PMP and you can write the Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I) assessment and then go on to the PSM II and even the PSM III assessment. I think I already have some PDUs from my time at Carlson Wagonlit Travel from a Franklin Covey project management course and possibly from elsewhere. I have many years of software development experience completing numerous projects from RFP, through specification gathering, coding, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. I’ve held just about every role including: business analyst, DBA, systems administrator, developer, tester, PM, and product owner. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with my PDUs, I just want a job.

After the course I enjoyed a few days in Southern China then it was back to reality and studying as I still have the CFA Level 3 exam on June 23rd. You can verify I passed the exam by visiting my profile on if the screenshot is insufficient. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.

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