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March 3rd, 2007
Job Wanted

Seeing as how my MBA was such an amazing success and having discussed it during several interviews and having recently been given a surprise online quiz basically about my status as a candidate even though it was not a requirement for the job if you had an MBA, I’ve decided to officially enroll. I’m now a CFA® Level I Candidate.

What this means is I’ve committed to studying at least 250 300 hours and taking an extremely hard test, in order to be able to study even longer and take an even harder test. Only one in five people who register for the certification program complete it. The first test actually has had the highest failure rate as it weeded out the uncommitted. Apparently I am committed enough to pass all three CFA exams.

You know what is worse than being uncommitted, being blatantly dishonest. I’ve had an extremely long and extremely painful last ten years or so. Many people who insisted they were my “friend” turned their back on me and left me to die. I’ve learned many painful lessons on who to trust and the importance of not being honest. Despite all that I’m still a CFA Candidate. I’m also still looking for a post-MBA career and it was while doing this that I discovered Abhishek Chaudhary had decided it would be a good idea to steal my intellectual property.

I did not find out right away.

I assure you I’m busy.

I also assure you my life is still harder than it ever had to be.

However, I assure you I will not take this outright theft of hundreds of hours of my labour lying down. It is even worse for Abhishek Chaudhary because his actions may be a violation of Standard I(C) Misrepresentation because he publicly claimed copyright over files I created and uploaded to my website over a decade ago.

If you’re a CFA Level 1 Candidate I advise you to not be like Abhishek Chaudhary. Do not take credit for other people’s hard work. Do not take credit for their Microsoft Excel files. Do not be so dumb and so arrogant as to upload the files to another website, claim copyright and leave the file with the other person’s name still in it.

Update July 24th 2012

Today is exam results day, so it seems like everything I’ve ever written about the CFA Level 1 exam is being reread by random strangers. Lucky me. I actually passed the CFA Level 1 exam, but most definitely not on my first attempt. I made a blog post about it, it is probably more relevant than this five year old post.

I’ve also written a lot of posts trying to help others pass the CFA Level 1 exam including giving away my personal study materials. I don’t recommend blogging about your experience as a CFA candidate but since I did you might want to try these links:

Good Luck! And remember it is always too early to quit.


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