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January 22nd, 2006
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Although I am still on a blogging hiatus, I have a lot to say. I meant to say it earlier but I’ve been cheering for the Steelers this year and I guess the Seahawks seeing as they are the Pacific Northwest’s team. Any true Browns fan would root for the Steelers over the Broncos in an AFC Championship game.

Although I didn’t win my fantasy league, lets just say I was distracted. A number of my players continue to make plays, even my castoffs such as Steve Smith have come up big. If only I had a deeper bench and was allowed to protect more I would have built a dynasty!

For the record the Steelers did win so my prediction or at least my hope for Jerome Bettis was correct. In 2019 I set out to make my blog better, many posts were deleted but I kept this one as much for the comments as the fact I called the Super Bowl champion.


  • Muskie says:

    Blair’s team is good and young. Once again my castoffs are doing well. Schnider isn’t doing as well as last year but Henrick Sedin… I tried to trade him but no one ever made me a good offer. Blair wanted him but you can only protect 8. He lost out to that Columbus guy who skates with Nash. I thought being on the number one line in Columbus was better than the number two line in Vancouver. Of course I made that decision without seeing any games and like two years ago…

    It must be pretty late in Van. It is lunch time here. I’m in a cafe waiting for my plane ticket home to be delivered.

  • Dave says:

    Aaron won, beating Mitz in the finals. He kept the 6th place team winning tradition alive. DOn’t worry I only have 3 wins against you. Jesse is my real whipping boy…4 for 4 including playoffs. I think Blair will take the hockey pool…

  • Muskie says:

    I still don’t even know who won our league! Was it Mitz? I noticed Blair caught him this week in hockey. Mitz’s team is OK but it is too old. Greg’s team is so overrated, he shouldn’t be doing as well as he is, led by Corey Stillman…

    I swear, I will crush you next year, at least I dominate my own division.

  • dave says:

    Musk dynasties don’t happen when the Millrats get owned by the Mighty Thumbs everytime they play.

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