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October 24th, 2006

I was reluctant to blog about something else I saw on TV, seeing the effect it can have on my keyword referrals. But now that I’m living in Canada again after stints in China and Japan I’ve been watching a lot of TV. One thing I’ve come across is Super Group.

The premise is five rock stars are brought together to form a Super Group. They didn’t know who would be in the band. I finally caught the original episode and they introduced the band one at a time in this order:

  1. Ted Nugget: aging rock guitar god
  2. Jason Bonham: 2nd generation rock drummer extraordinaire
  3. Scott Ian: founding member of thrash metal pioneers Anthrax
  4. Evan Seinfeld: the bassist and founder of Biohazard
  5. Sebastian Bach: former lead singer of hair metal band Skid Row

Can you tell where I think the weakest link is? I mean you got one of the men who made Detroit Rock City, the only person who could fill in on drums with Led Zeppelin, the guitarist of the band that was name checked by Public Enemy, toured with them, and arguably brought rap to metal, even Biohazard recorded with Onyx for one track on the Judgement Night soundtrack, and then for their singer Sebastian Bach who was kicked out of Skid Row.

The show’s appeal is the over the top personalities. Scott Ian and Jason Bonham come off looking fine and professional, Ted Nugget is a hell of a guitarist but is also an extreme right-wing redneck, but it is aging frontman Sebastian Bach who gets the most face time for his antics. He comes across as the person most trying to recapture past glories. He gets into a fist fight with the bassist while drunk and while researching this I was reminded he stole Nardwuar’s tuque.

The other source of amusement is the consultants that are brought in to help the band with its wardrobe, its name, PR, marketing, production, etc. Their manager said of their first demo, “it would have been a hit in 1982“. That is a result of the strong Sebastian Bach influence. They eventually named themselves Damnocracy and of course they had an official website. I can’t really recommend the music, which isn’t yet available on their webiste, but the TV show caused me to laugh a couple times.

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