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WIP Tester Models

April 2nd, 2010
WIP Models

So I’ve been chipping away at the pile of minis on my desk. I’m trying to get some of the test models done so I can move on to bigger and better things, it hasn’t gone so well.

My test Bezerker is a failure as the new GW Blood Red is no replacement for my OOP Blood Red. It is more watery and more orange. The model in the picture is after six coats of the new Blood Red and three washes. Maybe I can use the new Blood Red as a highlight, but not as a base color. Maybe it is designed to work with the Foundation Red, I don’t know. Regardless since I plan on painting a number of Khorne models, I want to use an in-print red as my main red. I think I may try to find a nice dark red in the Vallejo or even Reaper or P3 ranges, this will require a trip to Richmond.

Unsatisfactory Khorne Bezerker

My other test model, tests out a bunch of Foundry paints I ordered along with my attempt at a WW1 Canadian color scheme. I know it is an Imperial Guardsmen and that it isn’t even pure Cadian, but I also wanted to test the height of various resin terrain pieces I’ve bought and decided Guardsmen was the best bog standard model, though this one has more gear and is on 2nd party base.

I really like the Foundry Triad system, combined with say a wash (new GW Brown) it came out well. The triads I’ve used so far are: 12 Drab, 100 English Uniform Brown, and 90 British Equipment Canvas. I also have a flesh triad and a bunch of new Vallejo paint to experiment with. I scoured the internet when I probably should have been studying for my CFA® exam and turned up a couple recipes. Too bad the Great War Miniature website appears to be gone.

After many experiments at British Uniforms I’ve settled on the following;
Base colour – Vallejo Brown Violet
Mid tone – Vallejo English Uniform
Highlight – Foundry Drab

I didn’t follow this, nor did I follow the next one exactly. I used English Uniform on the pants, the full triad then a GW wash. I used Drab on the shoes and helmet with the GW brown wash and I used Canvas on the rest with GW Sepia wash. I’m not happy with the canvas, but then again, looking at “The Candian Corps in World War I” maybe it isn’t far off, maybe I should have used brown wash on everything. I also think some dirtying up with a mud color and possibly some pigments would be historically accurate. I plan to finish this model with GW metallics, though I need to find a good leather and wood brown too. I now own all the GW browns, but I think I may expand my brown collection, which I already have with the following Vellejo Model Colors for my WWI project: 093 Brown Violet, 141 English Uniform, and 115 Khaki.

WIP Canadian Imperial Guardsmen

Here is more painting advice which I perhaps followed a little closer:

Uniform: Basecoat of Vallejo leather brown, Vallejo english uniform & add vallejo Khaki to English uniform to highlight.

Webbing: base English uniform, add Khaki as above, then final highlight of pure Khaki.

Helmets: can be either green, brown, Khaki Drab or grey.

Helmet covers: Base leather brown, drybrush khaki, drybrush beige.

Leather jerkins: base of Citadel bestial brown & dark flesh mix, highlight with bestial brown,
Final highlight of Bestial brown & Vallejo orange brown mix.

I want as simple of scheme as possible if I’m going to paint a Company or a Platoon. I have a number of links saved which shows examples of various schemes.

Lastly this is my 2010 Astronomi-con Vancouver army so far. I keep tweaking the list and the HQ is on my painting table, I’ll need to do up another test Bezerker, a test Renegade guardsmen, and I think another Nefarious Fire CSM, but before that I’ll probably paint more Purple Plaguemarines for the B&C fanboys. I may have to do a rhino, but what I really need to do, besides find a new job, is paint terrain tiles.

Painting Miniatures in 2022

Work-In-Progress Guardsmen

As 2021 came to an end, I decided to edit my old miniature painting blog posts to link to my newer miniature painting blog posts. In fact sometime after I completed this post I started a dedicated miniature painting blog.

I never did finish my modular trench table. GW has changed the recommended table size, but someday I may return to it as I have all the 12 inch by 12 inch tiles, but I don’t have all the foam I need anymore, I think my sister took it for one of her projects. It was in my mom’s basement for many years. Now GW and other companies sell so much terrain, but someday I’ll have a dedicated gaming table perhaps…

I also bought so much resin terrain. I must have spent over a thousand dollars probably more on this project. I think I even bought Forgeworld resin terrain… then I lost my job and everything went into storage. Now I’ve bought more models and more paints and even played a game of 40K, but this time Bill bought and painted the terrain. If you have thoughts on painting or playing 40K or making gaming terrain you can leave them below.

Astronomi-con Vancouver Army So Far
Guardsmen in Resin Terrain Piece

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