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“It was a five band bill”

November 27th, 2005
Sing from Hang on the Box

20 Quai show
But there was no van parked out front from Idaho.

So I went to my first rock concert in a long time last night. I had seen the poster at lunch in my favourite Ramen shop and I thought what the hell it is within walking distances. I phoned up Anders and he and his girlfriend came, but I didn’t spend that much time with them.

5 Chinese Bands

There were five Chinese bands. Everyone of which had a female singer. That was something of the theme for the evening. I got the flyer in front of me but it is all in Chinese so I can’t gleam much from it. Only the last band (Hang on the box) had more than one girl and they were the only band where girls actually played instruments. Their drummer was a hard worker but their bassist hardly moved and was anything but inspiring.


Most people seem to have liked Caffe-In the best. They are half Japanese/half Chinese. I got to practice not only my Chinese last night but also my Japanese and even my French! I ended up with one free CD and one 15 RMB CD, neither of which I’ve had a chance to listen to.

I also took a lot of photos and ended up sitting with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five female finace majors from Beijing Foreign Language University. They also had an English major friend with them too. I’m out of business cards at the moment, but I did exchange numbers and when my Mac is fixed I will post pictures online and email them to the gals too.

13 Club

Caffe In

This all happened at 13 Club which was owned by a member of Ordinance. I will probably check out another show here as it is close to my apartment so no cab necessary. I’m now more a part of the Beijing rock scene it appears. One of the Japanese guys in Caffe-In is only in Beijing for 3 months and he joined a band, all I did was take guitar lessons.

It is now almost twenty years later. I think that club is gone, the websites I linked to are all gone, but I did go back to Wu Dao Kou, it had changed a lot since my student days. I actually ended up living in China a second time, but I didn’t go to many concerts. Once again I focussed on my studies and didn’t join a band even though a bunch of my coworkers started one.

Female Chinese Rocker Chick


  • Muskie says:

    How could I have a post on Chinese Rocker Chicks and not mention Sauder’s own Marlene Lau? I must be slipping… I know she is Anne DeWolfe‘s favorite Chinese Rocker Chick.

    Before me and the female finance student posse took over the couch I think the three girls of Hang on the Box were sitting on half of it. They weren’t exactly friendly.

    People who think they are cooler than you, aren’t

    I forgot to mention they sang in English and opened with Foxy Lady, yes Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. I’ve heard it played better by random guys in my guitar teacher’s shop. Harry Manx‘s version with a bunch of white boys from Salt Spring Island absolutely would have blown Hang on the Box off stage and Harry wouldn’t have even had to stand up to do so. Canadian Guitarists Rule!

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