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Calf Crazy

January 24th, 2006
Michelle Jin's Legendary Calves

This post was intended to be slightly humorous and was a result of me trying to avoid thinking about the problems I was going through. It ended up being a bit creepy and too popular for its own good. It also should be noted this post stems from some conversations and observations I had offline while living in Asia. I’m all for people being fit, healthy, toned, etc. and having a positive self image. I know what it is like to have an extremely negative self image and low self esteem.

This post became a lot more popular than I expected. If you want to instantly increase your web traffic, post pictures of attractive Asian women. Actually I can’t recommend that. I also recommend you never blog about calves or human anatomy as it will attract some very strange individuals. It will also lead to people stealing your bandwidth. And since I never had the copyright to most of these images I’m taking them down along with most of the text. If you want to look at pictures of women for #fitspiration Pinterest is now the place to be or perhaps Instagram where they are really hashtag obsessed.

A flyer featuring a fit Chinese woman


  • mel says:

    came across this by acident. i have huge calves (not how i was ‘blessed’ with them) Ive struggled to come to terms with them, people can make really hurtful comments. But your words about being grateful for what I do have and if this is my biggest concern i am very lucky.. is very grounding and positive. these women you have posted look confident and sexy. i have never felt 100% confident and sexy when my legs are on show, but i will think about these women next time they are and work towards being proud of my body.

    • Muskie says:

      This post has proven surprisingly popular, as have most postings about “calves” I’ve made online. Although I agree that there are attractive and confident women who have larger more muscular calves. There are many males and females who appreciate people with athletic legs. They can be a burden when shopping for clothes sometimes but that is a minor annoyance all things considered. Some people make a living off their legs, but I have to advise being cautious what you post online, even relatively benign pictures can be appropriated by others…

      The Internet is a strange place, stay safe. Do as I say not as I do and all that and thanks for commenting.

  • tom says:

    I agree

  • Muskie says:

    This page still gets a tonne of hits, especially from Google Image Search, so I looked at some of the competition and besides pictures of baby animals (cows, elephants, and dolphins mostly) I found a few more names that seem to be associated with large female calves. I suggest people try:

    Lindsey Boswell
    Tanya Hyde
    Natalie Ariel
    Amber Defrancesco
    and Alisha Morrow

    None of them are Asian perhaps, but… some people aren't so picky. ;-)

  • Muskie says:

    This posting ended up becoming way more popular than I intended. It was intended as a distraction, an indulgence, something to get my mind off my problems. However it probably just caused more problems and not just for me, to random people on the internet who’s blogs I turned up in Google and linked to.

    I’m sorry, I never intended to cause anyone any problems. I deleted the links, I possibly should delete this whole post…

    You can’t take back the things you say or write, but you can apologize, try to clarify, correct, to make amends…

  • Kalfi says:

    Does anyone know of any websites of Asian girls with
    big calves wearing stockings?

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