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A new low for internet forums

April 23rd, 2007

I’ve complained on my blog and online about people saying unkind things about me behind my back on internet forums. People are entitled to an opinion but being deliberately, callously hurtful, that is wrong. It is even worse when you do it to someone you know, but on the internet people have quasi-anonymity and maybe they don’t think before they type. I try to think before I type, but sometimes there is no good way to say something or people take unexpected offense to something you say. You can apologize, attempt to clarify, but sometimes the damage is done. You just have to walk away and hope cooler heads prevail.

But when you liken someone to Hitler, someone you’ve never met, someone’s whose job is designing games, that crosses some line that shouldn’t be crossed. I’ve been spending too much time in online forums of late and I know is a zoo, but on a forum about toy soldiers, you don’t liken someone to Hitler. I immediately wrote a rebuttal and others had beat me to it, but some people just ignored it, like nothing out of line was said at all. That has to be one of the most offensive things you can say about someone.

I’m still amazed that some guy sitting in a comfy chair reading an online forum about a game would compare one of the designers of the game to Hitler and liken himself to soldiers on the Eastern front because the rules of the game may change.

May change.

I probably shouldn’t blog this, maybe I should just ignore what people say online entirely. But sometimes you can’t stay silent, you have to speak up and say when something is wrong. I hope that whoever runs the Warseer forum bans “chaos0xomega” for eternity.

I’m sure the comment will be edited and disappear eventually, but I took a screen shot. And as people who know me know, I never forget, or at least I don’t forget some things. Congratulations on lowering my opinion of humanity even lower chaos0xomega.

Some guy comparing Jervis Johnson to Hitler for possibly changing the rules to Warhammer 40,000

People are responsible for their words and actions. I know I’ve been held responsible for mine. You can’t just shrug somethings off as immaturity, there is such a thing as right and wrong. You’re always writing for your future boss nowadays and although I keep editing old blog posts and deleting less desirable content some things remain online to warn others not to make the same mistakes.

Nowadays I don’t have much time for forums or blogs but social media especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has monopolized people’s time and increased the speed at which people can put their foot in their mouth or otherwise cause offence.

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