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Majora Carter is in Vancouver

April 2nd, 2009
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I picked her up from the airport personally in the Toyota Prius that ZipCar donated as part of the sponsorship of Sustainability 2.0. Toby was also with me, he wanted to get a picture of her walking out of the airport and onto Twitter but I’m not sure he pulled it off. I’ll add some pictures later and we will have full coverage online including video of her keynote on Youtube or Fearless or something.

We’ve already had a few small hiccups but that is to be expected, elevators break down, but we really should have gone to the correct address to meet the bankers straight away. I helped arrange for Vancity to be the keynote sponsor which helped the SBIA pay to have Majora come to Vancouver. This is her first trip to Vancouver and only her second trip to Canada. She was in Toronto two weeks ago. I told her they were our arch-rivals. And explained how Vancouver and even Calgary to a lesser extent have become more prominent on the national and international stage at the expense of Montreal mostly.

First thing we did was go for coffee. We went to Tim Horton’s then to Starbucks so we could get something extra strong. Now I’m chillin’ in Blenz on Hastings while Majora and Toby have lunch with the bankers. Then we’re off to meet the mayor and have a guided tour of the fabulous Downtown Eastside. We’ve actually driven through it and Majora is staying at the Patricia so she gets to appreciate the hood.

I’ll try and add some token photos when all the VIPs get together.

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