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2010 Hobby Goals

January 2nd, 2010
RPG Dice

Beside the usual, lose weight, get in better shape, make more money, and to try to actually enjoy life. I plan on painting and if things go right actually hosting some gaming this year. My biggest project and number one hobby priority is to make my modular trench table. I’ve been planning it and acquiring stuff for it for years. I just got my biggest shipment yet of resin pieces and laid them out on my shelf to inspect them up close. I’ve actually got a lot more resin pieces from other manufactures stored away.

Ikea shelf with resin scenery on it

Then my sister made her annual post Christmas trip to Ikea. I went along. My family could not find a hotel for the Olympics so will be sleeping in my living room. My living room isn’t very big and contains mostly shelfs like the one pictured. I have an Ektorp loveseat and foot stool which are navy blue. Since about 2001 I’ve wanted to get a chase lounge to watch TV from. So I decided today was the day and decided to buy the matching blue Ektorp chase lounge. Turns out they don’t make that in blue, so I’m getting a grey chase lounge delivered tomorrow so my shelf has to migrate to my bedroom. Guess what I’m doing this Saturday night?

I just looked online and I could get a grey cover for my loveseat and footstool. More money I don’t have and not something I plan to spend it on anytime soon…

I also bought another small shelf to put near my painting table so I can put stuff off the table and create more work surface to work on, my modular trench table tiles and various other miniature projects.

I’m not sure what force I’ll have ready for Astronomi-con Vancouver, I’m not stressing over that and I’m not staying awake all night to paint either again. This means my rebel guard army, using the Imperial Armour Volume 7 list, will not be completed for this Astro, nor will my latest goal CSM list, but I’ll likely work towards the latter. I plan on doing a major update to but after that most of my painting updates will appear here. Malcolm, Nik and to a lesser extent Jason are really making me look like a slacker.

In my defense I have been busy with work and my CFA® studies.

Painted Miniatures

The other two armies I have in my display case are my old Rogue Trader era Space Ork army and my almost as old WFB Ork and Goblin army. Both contain a lot of painted minatures, the former painted decades ago, the later painted more recently. Both need a lot of work to be field-able under the current rules and I have as many or possibly more unpainted stuff, especially for the 40K Ork army as I was going to update it last year but I could never finish the 1000pts of goblins.

Other miniature projects like historical armies even minis for a new skirmish game are likely pipe dreams and I won’t be spending any money on those or any project until my damn trench table is finished. This is going to turn into a really huge project, but it should look good as I have already made trench display boards.

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