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2010 Hobby Goals

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Beside the usual, lose weight, get in better shape, make more money, and to try to actually enjoy life. I plan on painting and if things go right actually hosting some gaming this year…

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Ikea-ifying my room

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Today we visited Ikea, we needed some casters for a storage unit my mom brought over. It was decided that I would buy yet another shelf. I swear I collect shelves. Actually I collect a lot of things: cds, dvds, books, miniatures, t-shirts, etc. etc. All these collections require shelves to store them on. All these shelves haven’t all come from Ikea, last summer I built some shelves we bought at Costco. This time though I didn’t have my toolbox available, so I had to buy my third set of Allen wrenches, my second hammer, and my umpteenth multi-head screw […]

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Assembling Flat-pack Furniture

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Just like I can’t understand people who are unable to cook due to not being able to follow recipes, I also don’t understand why people have difficulty assembling furniture. It is true sometimes instructions are unclear, incomplete, or just plain wrong. But the rest of the time people just don’t apply themselves. I always managed to get an A in shop and ‘home ec’ when I was a lad. And perhaps instead of going to university I could have become an apprentice electrician as I worked in a electrical supply and lighting store when I was in high school. But […]

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