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January 15th, 2010
M-Audio Transit

The recent updates to my G4 aimed at bringing digital audio out of Loretta combined with my NAD receiver and Paradigm speakers is a big improvement both in volume and clarity, not that I needed the former. I still don’t have a subwoofer for 5.1 surround sound, but more pressing is replacing the combo DVD/VCR I traded off my mom as it keeps skipping while playing DVDs and completely refused to play one I rented.

I might have the most expensive Sawtooth G4 in Vancouver, I could update the video card again, but more likely I should totally max out the RAM. It’ll never run Snow Leopard but if it keeps down music skippage, RAM is so cheap now. What I’d like to waste money on is one of those Time Capsules, I bought a big SATA hard drive when I upgraded the CPU, but I can’t back up my laptop to that using Time Machine, RAM would also speed up my wireless network and maybe cut down on wire clutter. Behind my system is a cable jungle, unusual for me.

I was always going to be at this place for a limited time. Next time I set up my system, I plan to put more of the computer stuff off to the side, buy a longer optical digital cable, I have quite the light show going, though during movies I sleep the Mac. I suppose I could look into eliminating a DVD player from the setup, but my formerly quiet G4, now has extra fans in it. The loudest thing I own is the external CD burner, but that stays off 99% of the time.

I still have to reconnect all the rest of the USB and Firewire devices, but I got the machine up and running with a bare minimum of do-dads, then got the optical out working, my test song “Sweet Old World” by Emmylou Harris from the Wrecking Ball album produced by Daniel Lanois. That is a great sounding album and if you’re a music fan you owe it to yourself to buy it. It’ll really test the quality of your speakers, system, or headphones.

The song was of course is written by Lucinda Williams who I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Music really influences my life, it is definitely influencing my business planning. Now I have to get Wake Over Lan and Simplify Media working with my iPhone for maximum coolness. I hope my router doesn’t cause grief, wonder if the Time Capsule will?

It is now many years later and my stereo system has been in storage for over four years. I’ve been living in China working and studying for the CFA® exams. Eventually I got a job and all this equipment out of storage. It is even older and just not worth the fight anymore to make it all work, I’m slowly upgrading my system and the next piece I buy may be an Apple TV 4K because it will make my life easier.

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