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December 29th, 2015
Popular tags based on revised taxonomy

I’ve spent entirely too much time the last two days working on this blog. First I decided to look into adding back the tag cloud to Muskblog as it is featured prominently on my CFA® Flashcard blog and I always thought when done well they look cool, the key of course is to carefully tag all your posts. So I spent much of the last two days editing and re-tagging hundreds of blog posts, the end result is the best WordPress taxonomy ever on Muskblog. Whether that leads to search engine domination and world wide fame, well I doubt it. After all, I still have zero posts about Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake for that matter.

What I do have is close to a thousand battle scared and much edited blog postings that have now been tagged and categorized well enough to maybe even make the ‘experts’ happy. I even updated the plugin that makes my sitemap but I still haven’t put archives in my sitemap, that seems to be against best practices, but I do think the archives themselves have value and may work on leveraging them further as Yoast advises. Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, just what have I spent the last ten years writing the most about?

  1. China
  2. Blogging
  3. Vancouver
  4. WordPress
  5. MBA

Those are the most popular tags each with at least 60 posts. However I’m not sure they bring in much traffic. What I need to do is to get some more interesting and potentially more useful tags into the top 40 which would have them appear in the tag cloud I returned to the sidebar. So the tags I need to use and topics I need to try and write more about include:

I also have to try hard to not use so many “one off” tags but I do think they have their purpose, my blog is way out in the long tail, but someday soon it may have another brush with popularity or #instafame. It will be hard to rank better for Nurgle living in China and not playing Warhammer or painting miniatures, but I do spend a lot of time pinning pictures of miniatures and my various hobby websites are still online even if they remain neglected due to my less than thriving career and need to devote ever more time to studying for the CFA exam.

Update: I still have way too many tags I’ve used exactly once. I don’t blog as much as I used to, but I have continued to blog and if I haven’t used a tag in ten years, maybe it shouldn’t still be a tag in my blog’s taxonomy. I still like my two question test, will I used this tag again, and I do I want to be found for this keyword? At some point in December or January I will do my annual year in review and I will likely purge more single use tags. I just purged a couple but as always I am behind in my studying and I need a better job so I really should focus on that. I just realized “ecommerce” however you want to spell it was not a tag on my blog, too many useful keywords are not being used and too many names of people are still tags, I think if I’ve never blogged about you again, unless you are world famous or I think there is a legitimate chance I will blog about you again, you will cease to be a tag in my taxonomy.

The CFA exam and probably blogging about the CFA exam will be my focus for the next six months (or maybe not) but I hope to travel a little more in 2016 after all I live in China and that is my single most popular tag. If there is something you think I should write more about, leave a comment below.

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