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July 22nd, 2009
Social Media Icons

The other day, I got a notice that I joined some blogs fan community on MyBlogLog. Long time readers may remember I had some questions about this app/service and privacy. The blog in question is not one I’m particularly proud to admit I read occasionally, certainly not a blog I read everyday, week, or am subscribed to the RSS feed for. Apparently, MyBlogLog now adds me to the community if I visit that blog a couple times.

You can remove yourself from a community so it isn’t the end of the world. But I can see people ending up in some odd communities if their true websurfing habits become public knowledge. I popped over to MyBlogLog after reading about Networked Blogs. I know it is possible to have an RSS feed on a WordPress blog and I’ve seen people have their posts automatically appear on their Facebook profile. I’m not always particularly proud of my blogging, but most people are aware I have a blog after all these years. Maybe it is vanity but I wouldn’t mind a few more users and commenters.

We’re also going to add some features and additions to the Building Opportunities website. One thing we do have is a Facebook Page and if we have a blog or even an RSS feed and/or an Events feed it would be good to sync all that nice and Web 2.0 like. I tend to use my blog to experiment, so getting all this to work on Muskblog then getting it to work again shouldn’t be hard. One difference is it matters whether you have or blogs had the cooler solution but now that NetworkedBlogs seems to be taking off, maybe it and not MyBlogLog is the way forward.

Facebook has clearly won the Social Networking War at least in the English speaking world. LinkedIn and Ning are about the only two I see mentioned much in a positive light. BuddyPress and a whole batch of new platforms around niches may yet see the light of day but I’ve pretty much gone with the following stack:

  • Mac
  • Wii
  • Facebook + LinkedIn

You’ll notice no cellphones, messaging clients, or Twitter. I’m not a big text messanger or cellphone user. I”ll probably get an iPhone eventually but I’m not exactly rolling in money. I still haven’t paid off my MBA and I doubt I’ll ever recover from it.

Update January 2019

MyBlogLog was one of many “next big things” I blogged about that did not last. I eventually got an iPhone, joined Twitter and did a lot of other things, I still update this blog and try to leverage it in my never ending post-MBA job search.


  • Muskie says:

    I just chucked MyBlogLog from my sidebar. Google Friend Follow is very popular in 40K blogging circles, but I don’t know if it works outside blogger. Apple has a social network, but I’ve thrown my lot in with it seems to be working better than Ping now and it already has widgets and stuff, plus it actually looked at my iTunes library not just the songs I bought at the iTunes store which is probably less than 1% of the music I’ve bought in my life time, and I’ve bought a lot of music.

  • Muskie says:

    Well I’m on Facebook now, or this blog is. I think I’ll try and add our Green blog now. We’ll have to see who my first fan is. I doubt this’ll take over Opera as my RSS feed reader, but it might result in a few more subscribers or commenters. World Domination is still only a blog post away.

  • Muskie says:

    Apparently my RSS feeds have been busted for a long time, this is due to BirdFeeder never working. Maybe I should scrap Mint entirely as Google Analytics seems to provide more information than I ever need, or maybe I should just not care what keywords, posts, and links are popular on my website.

    I guess I’ll give an hour to trying to get some of this new stuff to work, content trumps all, our little green blog keeps attracting just enough interest to imply we have influence. ;-)

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