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Great Gretsch Sound

October 5th, 2009
Black Snake Moan

So I couldn’t sleep after totally wasting my weekend. I ended up making an iLike Music Quiz and reading old Gordie Johnson interviews. Then I decided to indulge myself and go to the Gretsch Guitar website.

I’ve never actually played a Gretsch, I guess I’m waiting until I can afford one. I promised myself one, when I finished my MBA, but we all know how that went. Now I work at a non-profit in the DTES so $3000 guitars isn’t something I can afford.

Despite all that, Gretsch has released another model to lust after. They’re calling this one G6196TSP-2G Country Club, it has this awesome two tone silver and violet finish. Gretsch makes the best looking guitars, not all gimmicky, just that classic Gretsch shape and sound.

Gretsch G6196TSP-2G

Luke Doucet is bringing back the White Falcon, but I was leaning towards a bit simpler model, seeing has how I’m basically ignorant, I mean a minimalist. They make the Hot Rod, which has one pickup and one knob. I think seeing “Black Snake Moan” again, has got me thinking about going electric again. They make a purple Hot Rod and R.L., I mean Samuel Jackson plays a purple guitar when he goes electric in the movie.

It is many years later now and I still do not have an electric guitar. Playing guitar is one of the things I gave up to try and pass all three CFA® exams as I’m still trying to turn my life around post-MBA. I did look at the latest Gretsch guitars. I follow them on social media. I’m leaning back towards the Country Club. I’d forgotten about the “Highland Green” Hot Rod shown above. Gretsch has released a lot of cool guitars and I still have not bought one. It probably isn’t going to be this year, but hopefully it will be 2025.

If you have thoughts on Gretsch guitars you can leave them below.


  • Muskie says:

    Went to Tom Lee Music on Granville and they had this guitar. $3500, a lot out of reach at my current salary. I went to Tom Lee after leaving my CFA practice exam early, I just haven’t been studying enough, I have two weeks left to relearn what I’ve forgotten and learn enough to pass. I guess I need some motivation.

    It looks good in the picture, but up close I think I prefer the standar orange or even the Blue Burst model. Need to work on my playing, especially without my slide, gotta tune up and replace the strings on my acoustic me thinks.

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