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Who cares about text, this post has pictures of Rin Nakai

April 12th, 2010
Original UFC logo

This wasn’t perhaps the best weekend for MMA, but congrats to Frankie Edger who I picked in the upset, too bad Silva left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths. Rin Nakai isn’t perhaps taking the MMA world by storm, but her physique has not gone unnoticed. She has a blog, enjoys cooking and eating, probably is a card carrying member of the cult of cute, but I wouldn’t mess with her, she’s a former gymnast. She now puts her muscles to use smashing faces and tearing off limbs, then posing for the camera afterwards. All and all I have to say, though I’m not for women professional fighters in general, and I don’t think it will become a mainstream sport, I’m a fan or Rin’s. 可愛いですよ、and all that.

Picture borrowed from Rin's blog

After re-watching Sin City the other day I wondered where the sequel was, when I went online I learned it was still on the ta-do list but Robert Rodriquez has a few other movies planned or is obligated to do. One of which is Machete which cineaphiles will remember from the trailer during the Grindhouse movies. I thought Machete seemed cooler than either Death Proof or the other feature and supposedly the screenplay has been finished for years and Robert has stolen scenes from it for his other movies. Plus Jessica Alba is supposed to be in it, I remember her from Dark Angel, she seems to be able to pull off 健美.

SXSW wasn’t too long ago. I gotta attend one year, but I’m unemployed and in debt and will likely forever be paying for my Sauder MBA. So although I couldn’t attend I enjoyed reading about it online. Scott H. Biram performed and was interviewed and now he’s off to Europe and Vancouver sent a large contingent down for both the music and the IT/media aspect of the gathering.

One of the last stories I turned up while at my BOB job was on the Perils of Nice, something I know all too much about. Lastly I was interviewed and even quoted in Canadian Business magazine, now I have got to find a print copy for my grandmother.

Oh and although it was a bit for naught, the best headline so far this year is: Smoking crack, yes. UFC, no

Rin joined the UFC

This photo is property of

Rin has actually fought once in the UFC now, she lost. But sharing photos you found online is profitable for some, but not for me, I still engage in it, but over on Pinterest, in fact I think I pinned one of these photos on this board.

I still wish I had a purple Rin Nakai shirt. I have friends who travel to Japan, I kinda asked for one but she had switched to orange. Of course when the Reebok announcement was made I tried to see if I could order a Rin Nakai jersey, I could not.

Rin’s career in the UFC was not a large success. She is short but heavy which combined with her lack of standup fighting background led to more losses than wins in the cage. Rhonda Rousey eventually brought women’s MMA to the mainstream but most MMA fighters aren’t millionaires. Rin’s blog is still going but things got a bit too weird for me and now I don’t hear her name on MMA forums anymore. But I did see a UFC fight card in China and there are more divisions in the UFC than before so perhaps Rin will get another shot hopefully she gets some better coaching and training partners. If you have thoughts on Rin or Women’s MMA you can leave them below.


  • Muskie says:

    Of course there is a Sherdog thread on her and having her come fight in America. Surfers beware, Sherdog isn't known for attracting the most intelligent and politically correct posters, but it should technically be work safe.

  • Muskie says:

    I wonder if I can buy a Rin Nakai shirt, her's is specialty made, but I can't help but notice she had her name done in English and has herself in the psuedo typical cute pose on the shirt. Maybe she'll come to America, Eddie Murphy style, and become slightly more famous. She is a bit too short and of course the wrong ethnicity to play Chung Li, but that movie apparently was horrible.

    If you want to see a good female lead movie see “Chocolate” or “Lady Vengeance” or even “Come Drink with Me”, that latter is the most Chung Li like.

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