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September 20th, 2010
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After spending so much time upgrading and improving Muskblog. I decided to break down and add some feeds and widgets to the rest of my domain. I’d already done this for however I did things slightly differently the second time. For one I used a bit more PHP. I changed my home page from a .html to a .php file so that I could make direct calls to SimplePie as it makes adding RSS feeds to a webpage/website, as simple as pie.

I plan to dig a little more into PHP, as much as I think it is an ugly language, PHP has become ubiquitous. It is enabled on most webhosts, including mine, by default. I just had to change an extension, add an inclusion or two, then a token loop and voila RSS feeds on my home page.

I’ve also started to use Twitter a bit so maybe I’ll do some Twitter integration in the future. In the mean time I made extensive use of the Flickr badge as well as the Goodreads widget. I used to not put up much content outside my own domain but now online social networks and social media have taken over the Internet.

Not everyone is happy with this development. One of the most vocal is David Heinemeier Hansson who wants people to #DeleteFacebook and moved his company’s blog off of Medium and back to WordPress. I of course never left WordPress and continue to update and upgrade my blog and home page including old posts as I need a job and to get one I may need squeaky clean or at least better search engine and social media profiles.

I’ve spent a lot of time unemployed trying to do something clever with PHP, RSS feeds, and various APIs out there. I made a number of web mashups which need updating but then I spent even more years of my life passing all three CFA® exams. So if you have any thoughts on PHP, social media, blogging, or finding a new job you can leave them below.

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