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I finally found a use for Google+

June 29th, 2013

After I and others found a use for Google+, Google took away authorship and then they took away Google+ itself. I only have so much time for online social networks, the one I use the most because it works well on my iPhone is Twitter. I hardly used Google+ because it is just too much of a Johnny Come Lately social network with no killer feature. I know, I know, “Circles” and “Hangouts” but I just don’t need them. I have this domain and this blog, plus Facebook and Twitter were more than sufficient for me to share too much personal information online.

No More Google+

In 2019 there is no longer a Google+ but I decided to keep this post because it had screenshots and rich snippets are still important to search engine optimization. I’ve switched to using Yoast’s SEO plugin with this WordPress blog and Yoast and his team implemented one of the competing structured metadata formats. Hopefully after all the effort I’ve put into this blog I’ll get rich snippets again or at least some positive ROI.

Redoing my Taxonomy Again

So in 2024 after not redoing my taxonomy in 2019 I decided to redo my taxonomy. I fear once again it will all be for nothing, but at least I have a job at this point in time. I’m not even halfway through recategorizing my blog posts and already I think I’ve chosen two categories that are too similar and now more than ever default to putting posts in what was my original uncategorized category just with a new name. I’m beginning to think expert advice on search engine optimization and blogging is not for me.

If you still have thoughts on Google+ or search engine optimization or blogging you can scroll past the screenshots and leave a comment.

An example of a working Google rich snippet
Successful authorship claim for

Now we have Google Search Console which replaced or extended Google’s Webmaster Tools this provides a lot of insight into your organic search engine performance, but I just don’t have the time, energy, or even inclination to obsess over this anymore. However I do think Quality is important, so I will spend a couple weeks trying to improve my blog and taxonomy again.

My improved Google Analytics with better accounting for subdomains

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