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Mint: A fresh look at your site

October 7th, 2005
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While taking a quick peak at Zeldman inbetween procrastinating and procrastinating, I learned of the existance of Mint. It was heavily touted by Zeldman and since it was only $30 USD I tried to buy it. This actually proved very difficult due to PayPal not liking me very much…

I’ve got Mint up and running on but there are two major problems, one I don’t actually have that busy of a site, despite what my webhosts stats package might say. A lot of my content including this blog are set up as subdomains, in theory Mint can handle subdomains however as there are a variety of ways to set them up, it is hit or miss.

The one developer behind Mint, Shaun Inman however is on the case, and improved support for subdomains is on his ta do list. Until than I won’t learn anything more about my loyal blog readers.

Already there is a Widget called Junior Mint which works just fine for quickly checking visitors to your site, showing the advantages and the popularity of being on the bleeding edge of Macintosh operating systems at least among the web design community. Mint uses JavaScript, PHP, and a MySQL database to track website users. It integrates just fine with WordPress and other popular CMS packages, infact it is easier to install on a dynamically generated site than a large static site like which required updating the of all my pages.

  • I upgraded Mint today after all the work I’ve put into this blog and theme in the last few days… Not all is well though, some Peppers particularly Bird Feeder never work for me. I tried various WordPress Bird Feeder plugins but they all didn’t work. It also busts my feeds which doubly sucks. It even crashed firefox or Disqus did. I get a slight rendering error now, I think I need some padding in my footer.php file… No after meta data…

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