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January 5th, 2006
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I had heard several Tsinghua foreign exchange students mention this site, but I assumed it would be all in Chinese. This is not the case and it seems to be perfectly usable in English. I’ve decided to book my hotel in Nanjing using it. If it works out well, I will also use it to plan my trip to Chengdu which is where I may go next.

Chengdu was also an Imperial Capital I believe. I’m hitting all the Imperial Capitals while I’m in China, it is sort of my system I guess.

Ctrip can also be used to book flights and hotels outside China. I know at least one of the many Venture Capitalists I’ve met lately invested in it, well his fund did.

Update April 2017

Ctrip is still going strong, my coworkers and I use it all the time to book hotels and flights. They also have an iPhone app which works quite well. It has map integration so if you have a SIM card and data you can navigate to your hotel using it. Unfortunately your Chinese mobile phone won’t work so well in Hong Kong or Macau, so when you travel there you need another SIM card or you have to rely on free WiFi and good old fashioned paper maps.

If you’re thinking of traveling in China, I’ve written many, many blog posts the best of which I collected into a Top 10 list.

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