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I Passed the CFA® Level 1 Exam

July 24th, 2012
Beer And Fairway

This post becomes popular right around CFA exam results day. I did not enjoy writing the CFA exam, I enjoyed my MBA program less. Congratulations if you managed to pass, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Level 2 is way worse, but I eventually passed them all.

You know who else may have managed to pass the Level 1 CFA Exam, Abhishek Chaudhary. They also decided to steal files from my website, upload those files to another website and worse claim copyright over those files. I was able to prove I was the original creator of the Microsoft Excel files in question, but Abhishek Chaudhary if they are a Member or Candidate possibly violated Standard I(C) Misrepresentation. I’ve taken valuable time out of my preparation for the final CFA Exam to update many blog posts in order to draw attention to this latest upsetting development and to serve as warning to any future content thieves and Candidates.

Update July 25 2018

While writing my CFA Level 3 exam post mortem I discovered the image I posted below which I perhaps should not have posted was being used by Stephanie Ng and her husband John supposedly with my permission. I keep looking through my records for where I gave permission especially considering how much of my content has been stolen very much without my permission and I remain unamused.

Details of my successful completion of the CFA Level 1 Exam

I finally finished the CFA program but just like MBA I do not think the ROI was positive. It was a long lonely struggle made worse by my decision to blog honestly about my experience. Also once again my attempts to help my fellow students went horribly wrong as people just take advantage of your kindness and take credit for your hard work.

If you have thoughts about the CFA Program I guess you can leave them below but in 2022 mostly what I get is spam.


  • Marching Ant says:

    Great forum.
    On your practice sheet with the generator, Q4 has an expression; .8/1.8 From where is 1.8?

    • Muskie says:

      Most of the numbers in the generator are randomly generated which is what makes it so useful when preparing for the exam, but in this case .8/1.8 is the debt-to-equity ratio over one plus the debt-to-equity ratio. That little trick you must learn and it allows you to get the percentage of debt capital. With that you can calculate the percentage of equity capital. Now that you have Wd and We you can calculate WACC.

  • Muskie says:

    Apparently the comments section for this post has become a place where others think they can market their wares hiding behind anonymous profiles. That really isn’t want my blog is all about. If you have some commercial product you want to sell to test takers, find another forum to market it besides the comment section of my blog. Or at least use a real profile with a photo or even a logo beside your comment. I can now see why some blogs refuse any comment with a link in it…

    • Muskie says:

      I don’t think I’ll allow that link you posted. I’m not really interested in referring people to services and websites I’ve never heard of. I gave away all my materials for free, despite knowing people would take advantage of me, but I’m not going to allow people to post adverts into my comment section.

  • jizzle says:

    thank you very. i really appreciate it and all the best to you.

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