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May 20th, 2007
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While checking for someone on I discovered LinkedIn had added another new feature. This feature was already available on and is found on some other online social networks. Basically what LinkedIn is now allowing you to know is who is looking at your profile.

How many people have viewed my profile this month so far

They don’t come right out and say “Bill Smith looked at your profile on May 21st 2007 at 3:00pm, he used the following keywords to find it: venture, capital, associate.” They are actually a bit vague, some other online social networks show you exactly who is looking at your profile. I poked around a bit and learned you have some control over your anonymity on LinkedIn. The default is somewhat anonymous, which because this feature is brand new and still in beta is probably what the vast majority of users will continue to use for the near future.

Annonymity Options in

This information shows up on the front page when you access the system, though I think you have some control over what information is displayed on the front page. You can see in the screen shots I took, how many and roughly who had looked at my profile in the first half of this month.

LinkedIn does have premium features aimed at both job seekers and people who do recruiting. I’ve had a premium account and I probably didn’t maximize its’ utility. Now it is January 2022 and recruiting must be heating up again as a recruiter reached out to me. I informed him I was not looking for a new business intelligence analyst position and I didn’t have anyone to refer to him. Now he wants to “link in” and I think I will accept. After my MBA, I was reluctant and more careful who I linked to, but I’ve also been unemployed far too much and in 2022 it is pretty common for recruiters to reach out to you via LinkedIn. I still don’t think it is wise to link in with people you do not know well unless they are recruiters.

If you have thoughts about linking in, online social networking, or looking for a job online you can leave a comment below.

Details on who has viewed my profile


  • Muskie says:

    I think I have enough postings, but another first has happened, someone in my network has sent me a job posting to see if I know anyone who might be interested or someone who could help them find their ideal candidate.

    Job Title: Controller
    Description: My client is a top tier consumer-focused venture capital firm Headquartered in [snip], is seeking a Controller! This is a once-in-a-career opportunity to be a part of this exciting business!

    I guess I’ll send it to an accountant or two. I seem to know a lot of accountants and lawyers even if they aren’t technically ‘in’ my LinkedIn network.

  • Muskie says: is beta testing new features too, their latest one is called “Marketplace”. I’m not too sure what I can say about it publicly as I’ve been selected to beta test it. Basically it is an online marketplace where you can look for products, services, even jobs. They are focusing on jobs initially.

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