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December 7th, 2010
Chris Lytle

I’m running out of silly, sexy, funny, stupid, awesome, photos. I did manage to dig up a few more, though I likely ultimately deleted most of them. I’m staying away from animated gifs as they are more bandwidth intensive. After my latest, greatest, anti-hotlinking .htaccess solution I’m worried about whether new images posted to this blog/website will appear in Google image search and it’s friends. My images are appearing in feed readers, but I need to post yet more images to test the script and tempt the leechers.

The first picture is UFC MMA fighter Chris “Lights Out” Lytle getting absolutely smashed in the face. I can’t recall what fight this was from, but it might be one of his losses. Lytle is known for his willingness to bang, for being a full time fireman, and his underrated and little used jujitsu prowess. This photo undoubtedly came from Sherdog or some other MMA blog.

How to Defeat a Giant

Fedor armbars Hong Man Choi

I have quite a large collection of amazing and/or brutal images I’ve collected over the years browsing Sherdog and reading about MMA online. The next one should simply be entitled “How to defeat a giant”. It is Fedor Emelianenko, former pound for pound kingpin. He’s fought a lot of people in Japan, but his fights in the United States haven’t always been so successful at the box office. He’s also fought in a freak fight or two, including against giant Korean Kickboxer Hong Man Choi.

Got Abs?

Abs/abdominals, a six pack, whatever you want to call it may be even more popular than pictures of women’s calves. And since I don’t have any more photos of Asian women flexing their calves, well I give you a picture of an Asian model showing off her flat, hard, muscular stomach. Stomach is a word I can never spell correctly. I of course have to recommend you don’t repost pictures you find online. Besides likely violating copyright, you’ll attract bandwidth thieves and you should never blog about calves anyway. The more modern solution would be to “pin” the image on Pinterest, alas including a Pin inside a WordPress post continues to be more miss than hit.

Andjani Kwee and her amazing abs

After finding the picture I was stuck as to who it was of. I seemed to remember she was Indonesian. I tried to consult the experts, but you can’t search Tetsumi’s Salon. So I had to do some Googling. Luckily I didn’t encounter anything dubious. Sometimes when I look at the incoming links or keyword referrals, I quickly wish I didn’t visit a specific forum, blog, or website. In this case the lady in question does seem to be Indonesian, from Jakarta. She may be a mother of two and is indeed famous for toned stomach muscles. And even though I’ve typed stomach four times in this paragraph I still want to put a ‘u’ in it.

Her name is quite possibly is Andjani Kwee and she seems to like to pose in camouflage, maybe in emulation of Lara Croft. I still have never seen any of those movies or played any of those games. Andjani seems to be on Facebook or at least someone has set up an account using a photo from the same shoot as the one I dug up.

There that should attract the Facebook crowd and maybe a few hotlinkers. Let me know if these images don’t show in your feed reader. I’m going to try and pay attention to Googlebot and his friends to see if these images end up in search engines after my .htaccess trickery. What tags you use has a big impact on how fast and deeply certain search engines index your blog. They also attracts the scrapers and spammers.

Inexplicable Popularity

Blog feed images are working still

My first official blog update of 2013, this post in particular the picture of Chris Lytle getting punched in the face remains disturbingly popular. I should have started an MMA blog in 2005. I’ve been an MMA fan since UFC 1 which I rented on VHS at Superior Video in Duncan BC. I’ve read a lot about martial arts, watched a lot of fights, and collected a bunch of GIFs the posting or reposting of doesn’t make me any money.

Posting pictures of attractive Asian women doesn’t make me any money either, but it works for some bloggers. I’m not sure selling sex is classier than selling violence, but both sell well. Cute also does well online.

Bandwidth Theft Costs Real Money

Now I have to recommend using an image hosting service rather than trying to host everything yourself and roll your own anti-hotlinker solution because you will have to deal with difficulties online if you blog, even if you don’t blog, there are far too many assholes in the world and they are especially virulent online. Flickr is my favourite photo sharing service for photos I own the copyright to, though kids these days use Instagram as they are obsessed with hashtags and #instafame.

Pinterest is now blocked in China as are Instagram and Flickr. Flickr embeds if done a certain way will degrade to being visible from inside the Great Firewall. I found this out while living in China and having spent entirely too much time editing old blog posts. I didn’t do it to obtain popularity but to improve Quality and try to leverage all this content.

In 2019 this editing continued with the most thorough and extensive attempt to improve the Quality of this blog including attempts to improve the search engine optimization by carefully directing traffic to a few select posts, the most important of which is the news that I finally passed all three CFA® exams. Alas it did not instantly result in a new and much better job. In fact I have once again completed my contract and ended up unemployed. So if you have thoughts on WordPress SEO techniques or a lead on a job you can leave a comment below.

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  • Muskie says:

    That photo of Chris Lytle is one of the top photos on Google for “smashed face” and phrases like that. I really should create a website with ads considering my near total lack of income of late.

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