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July 14th, 2016
Neil Young and Crazy Horse

I used to listen to a lot of music. Before there was iTunes or or even CDs I used to listen to cassette tapes, the radio, even actual records. My life has been unsettled to say the least for the last ten years. I still own hundreds of CDs but more and more I use my laptop and my iPhone to listen to music.  My physical music collection and my stereo equipment is gathering dust in a storage locker in East Vancouver as I try to undo the damage done during my Sauder MBA.

Although I’ve lost play counts and custom playlists due to failing hard drives and Apple’s dis-impprovements to iTune’s UI, I did notice a milestone approaching. I’ve also been using for over ten years something that I leveraged when making all my mashups. Mostly I try to listen to music I haven’t heard so much, I still buy music, though rarely on CD or record now, you just can’t lug them around the world easily, even my attempts to rip more of my old CDs failed due to some Apple policy. I also listen frequently to two specific playlists one is a smart playlist I’ve dubbed “Gym 2.0” as my original smart gym playlist isn’t iTunes Match compatible. The other I made to listen to while playing Warhammer 40,000 something I never due anymore because my models are all in storage too. Certain songs definitely get played more than others.

Now my gym has suddenly closed, apparently it is a chain wide problem, a scandal big enough to make the Hong Kong newspapers or at least online Hong Kong English news.

I’ve also been spending most of my time since writing the Level 2 CFA® exam looking for a new job. Once again I feel deceived and used. I am definitely not happy in my current position but my resume obviously needs a major revision because I have not gotten a single job interview yet. While waiting for my exam score which may well be more bad news, something I’ve had far too much of in my life, I’ve also been editing old webpages and of course listening to music.

1000 Play Artists

My top 5 most played artists have been the same for years, likely since I started listening to Lucinda Williams heavily, I’m not sure I listen to enough music by new artists or even if there are that many artists capable of writing enough songs that you would want to listen to them one thousand times. This isn’t one thousand hyperbolic exaggerated bullshit plays while in a car or a club, this is 1000 plays verified by a third party service. I actually try not to listen to some songs because I save them for an emergency. However up until it closed this week I was regularly going to the gym so songs on two playlists tend to dominate the most played song list, but most played artist, that requires releasing a lot of good music that stands up to repeat listening.

If you haven’t gathered by the screenshot to the right, I recommend you listen to some Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and Townes Van Zandt records. More over I’ll recommend one album by each:

I also like live music so I also recommend:

If you have strong opinions about what music I should listen to, you can leave a comment below you also can easily find me on

1000 Plays for the Supersuckers

I’m not sure the exact date, but at some point I passed 1000 plays for the legendary Supersuckers, they even passed Townes Van Zandt to pull into my top five most played artists on, this is likely a result of their songs being played more on my Gym 2.0 playlist.  They were always in my top 100 album list and long held sixth spot in

1000 Plays for Tom Waits and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

It was inevitable but I just crossed 2000 plays for Neil Young, that doesn’t include Neil Young & Crazy Horse any other separate band he was in under’s counting. I still lose plays and some probably get double counted, but I’ve continue to Scooble long after everyone has moved on to online music streaming, I remain loyal to buying records or at least digital copies of songs. This Christmas I got some iTunes gift cards and I’ve used them on some obscure surf rock and other eclectic selections. I’ve continued to fine tune my smart and not so smart playlists but I still have trouble synching my iPhone with my old MacBook Pro, I need a new laptop and more than that I need a new job.

I checked and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Tom Waits both also have over 1000 plays by me all time. Blackie made one of my favourite albums of all time and Tom Waits wrote one of my all time favourite songs, I even considered Tom Wilson to front my dream band.

1000 Plays for the Meat Purveyors and the Rolling Stones

I’ve continued to study for the CFA program and go to the gym and I’ve continued to use iTunes and long after all the cool kids have moved on to Spotify. However my loyalty has its benefits, two more artists have crossed the 1000 play threshold as tracked by, so if you haven’t already I suggest you listen to The Meat Purveyors and The Rolling Stones.

I think I may have seen the last Meat Purveyor show ever, or at least the last tour, I even took my sister who actually liked them. According to over 10% of all world wide Meat Purveyor scobbles are credited to me. As for the Stones I guess you can say I prefer them over the Beatles but honestly I think I own more Who albums or I did at one point. only considers so many years of my life and I still lose scobbles trying to sync everything but the data is still illuminating. I’ve made some more smart playlists and I even use the Genius mixes sometimes, hopefully this is my last CFA exam and I finally get a new job because I’m tired of my hermetic lifestyle.

1000 Plays for the Rheostatics and Matthew Sweet

I’ve seen both of them play live many times. I even interviewed the Rheostatics once it never got published in OffBeat but I put the transcript online. Both would be in my top albums list and the Rheostatics would be in my top Canadian albums list. They both had their heyday in the 90s when I was a high school student and an university undergrad, but I still listen to music from earlier in my life and songs recorded before I was born so perhaps the next artist to be added to this blog post may have released their first album in the eighties.

I’ll have to look at my data. I still need a new job so I don’t buy much new music and songs on my Gym 2.0 smart playlist have rapidly moved up my personal lifetime charts. My most played of all time song according to iTunes is “Log Bomb” you can watch a performance of it above. I need to get to the gym and stop updating old websites, but I am hoping to leverage this blog more having finally passed all three CFA® exams. So if you have thoughts on how awesome my taste in music is or a lead on a job you can leave a comment below.

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